Xanté Supports Cal Poly with an Ilumina GS Digital Production Press

"The Xanté Ilumina GS Digital Production Press is an important contribution to preparing the graphic communication industry's future leadership." - Harvey Levenson

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Cal Poly Graphic Communication student Samantha Lionheart operates the new Xanté ILUMINA GS Digital Production Press recently installed in Cal Poly’s Graphic Communication Department. Lionheart is also the digital production manager for the department’s experiential student-managed and run printing and publishing company, University Graphic Systems.
“…the Graphic Communication Department will use the Xanté press to teach students through hands-on learning in a laboratory setting.”

SAN LUIS OBISPO – Xanté Corporation is supporting Cal Poly with a Xanté ILUMINA GS Digital Production Press for use in the university’s Graphic Communication Department.
After exploring alternatives, Cal Poly selected Xanté’s technology as the best of its kind to educate students on using digital technology in specialty printing processes related to color business documents such as letterhead, envelopes, and small format color fliers.
Staying true to Cal Poly’s learn-by-doing philosophy, the Graphic Communication Department will use the Xanté press to teach students through hands-on learning in a laboratory setting.
“As the graphic communication industry moves to specialty digital printing, it is important that our students acquire a wide range of experience using digital technologies that they will encounter in the industry,” said Harvey Levenson, head of the Graphic Communication Department. “The Xanté ILUMINA GS Digital Production Press is an important contribution to preparing the graphic communication industry’s future leadership.”

Robert Ross, CEO of Xanté, said the company is “pleased to have the ILUMINA GS in such a prestigious and forward-thinking, graphic communication learning institution.”
“Cal Poly’s wish to integrate our ILUMINA GS Digital Production Press is evidence of the faculty’s awareness and involvement in the shifts taking place in the industry,” Ross said. “We are grateful to have measured up to Cal Poly’s standards and to have Xanté technology viewed as being instrumental to the education of the graphic arts professionals of the future.”

The ILUMINA GS is a complete, high-production digital color system featuring 1200 x 1200 dpi color printing, high definition color technology, the iQueue intelligent color workflow, and a fast EFI Fiery processor. The press delivers fast full-color envelopes, sheets and cards and provides full-color printing on a wide variety of media and sheet sizes.
The press complements the Graphic Communication Department’s Degrava DP8500 digital label press, also part of the Xanté family of specialty printing technology.

The ILUMINA GS will be used in a variety of classes and by Cal Poly’s experiential, student-managed and -run printing and publishing company called University Graphic Systems (UGS), where students receive hands-on education producing real projects for the university. It will also be used in industry seminars and workshops to train those already in the field on the latest specialty printing digital technology.

About Cal Poly’s Graphic Communication Department
Founded in 1946, the Graphic Communication Department (www.grc.calpoly.edu) is one of the largest and best-known programs of its kind in the nation. The department includes concentrations in graphic communication management, web and digital media, design reproduction technology, graphics for packaging, and individualized study. The program is strongly supported by industry with grants and endowments and with equipment, supplies and software for the department’s more than 33,000 square feet of modern laboratories. The Graphic Communication Institute at Cal Poly (www.grci.calpoly.edu) focuses on services for industry, including research, testing, product evaluations, consulting, training, seminars, workshops and conferences. The department is accredited by the Accrediting Council for Collegiate Graphic Communications.

About Xanté
Xanté is a major provider of professional digital solutions, meeting the demands of print professionals seeking state-of-the-art technology at practical price points. Xanté Corporation headquarters is located in Mobile, Alabama, with offices in Sacramento, California; Duiven, The Netherlands; and Zhengzhou, China.