Florida Printer expands services with Ilumina GS Digital Envelope Press

"The PMS matches were perfect and the customer walked out of here smiling." - Dennis Beck

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Dennis Beck and his wife Phyllis standing next to their Ilumina GS Digital Envelope Press
It has brought us even more in terms of versatility and our ability to satisfy our customer’s needs.

Thirty-year old Minuteman Press of North Palm Beach, FL, has just completed the best 6-month business cycle in its history. In a year widely recognized as a difficult one, that’s a remarkable statement.
Owner Dennis Beck attributes his recent and ongoing success to several factors. He admits it helps to have the right mix of business and industrial customers in the region he serves to keep up with the highs and lows of the economy. He also recognizes that his increased emphasis on digital printing services over the past few years remains his biggest strength en route to expanding his market reach and an even more profitable future.
The company’s latest digital equipment addition, the ILUMINA GS Digital Envelope Press is helping the company enhance the services it offers and further expand its market.
Says Beck, “As you’d expect, we purchased it because we wanted to be able to print envelopes in short runs cost- effectively instead of having to make plates and setup our traditional offset presses. We already had experience with a Xante SpeedSetter CTP System so we knew they were very cooperative and easy to work with. We viewed ads for the machine in magazines and Xante showed us samples that looked pretty good. There are no other comparable offerings on the market. So we went with it expecting it would be a good companion to our other digital presses.”
“Frankly we got much more than we expected,” comments Beck. “It has brought us even more in terms of versatility and our ability to satisfy our customer’s needs. We can now almost instantly deliver products that look like traditional offset, both as proof of concept and very short print runs – products that customers couldn’t get before at a reasonable price. I can print one envelope as a proof of concept for a customer and maybe not make anything, but he’ll be back with a larger order so it’s like making $1000 on a single envelope!”
For example, after one of Beck’s customers — one of the largest concrete companies in Florida — acquired another company, they were making changes to their logo design and were anxious to see what their stationary would look like before ordering a major print run. Beck had 3 samples printed on the ILUMINA GS Digital Envelope Press in minutes. “The PMS matches were perfect and the customer walked out of here smiling,” he says.

Beck adds that the machine provides such good PMS color matches he can use it for short runs. Short runs that would usually require 2 wash-ups, 2 mixes and, not to mention, the added cost of negatives and plates. The normal cost of such a short run would usually cause a customer significant pause in doing the job. With the ILUMINA GS, the job can be done with less labor, lower cost, greater customer satisfaction, faster- turn around and best of all a better profit margin.
A big bonus and significant advantage is the ability to do 4-color stationary and envelopes efficiently, in perfect register and at a great price. Previously, a 4-color envelope was done on a flat sheet and sent out for conversion. Now we are able to take a pre-manufactured envelope and send it right thru the machine.
“I am sure there is not an owner out there who has not had a pressman fume when he can’t get the 10 x 13 or 6-3/4 to run thru the press. The ILUMINA GS handles these envelopes with ease. The machine sets up quickly and runs flawlessly when set-up properly – perfect for fast turnaround and “proof of concept” jobs,” Beck says.
Although it is too early to state the machine’s definitive impact on the company’s bottom line, Beck says “it has so far been a very positive experience financially and in enabling us to satisfy customer requests.”

Beck is convinced that his gradual transformation of the business from traditional to an even balanced mix of traditional and digital printing is the key to his future. And the ILUMINA GS Digital Envelope Press is playing a strong role in his digital repertoire.
“It has enhanced our ability to expand our market. Not only are we gaining new customers but we are expanding on our current customer base because we can satisfy all of their color needs. We deliver short run color and PMS work at significantly competitive pricing with a true win-win result.
Beck concludes. “We changed our business model to an balanced mix of digital and traditional offset printing and we’re convinced that’s the right move. We are further convinced that as time goes by digital printing will become the dominant part of the printing industry. The handwriting is on the wall. Other printers who ignore this change will be hard pressed to stay in business.”