PlateMaker 5

Exact halftones. Accurate registration. Sharp images. Crisp film. Clean plates. This chemical-free, process-free, total prepress system images paper proofs, film and polyester plates. Choose freedom from your tired process and go digital.

Your CTP Solution: With our PlateMaker5 total prepress system, processing is eliminated. Go from proofs to approval and directly to plate or film using only one device. Your plate production is completely process-free and chemical-free. Our Z-7 Technology assures clean plates, crisp film, sharp images and exact halftones — in a word, detail. That’s pure CTP technology.

Your Proven Technology: Our PlateMaker5 system, accompanied by the Myriad 2 plate, gives you the feel of metal on your press. Myriad 2 plates are among the best conventional polyester plates on the market with run lengths of 20,000 impressions or more. The grained surface of the Myriad2 plate allows it to hold very small halftone dots. The ability to generate 120 plates per hour saves you time and money. Myriad2 positive or negative film can be used to burn larger metal plates for your wide-format presses.

Your Bottom Line: With our PlateMaker5 total prepress system, most print shops can realize a 100% return on their investment in less than a year. Turn “if only we could” into “now we can.” You can custom-fit the PlateMaker5 to fit your workflow and enable your shop to reach peak performance. That’s the bottom line.

CTP means:

  • Smoother blends
  • Higher line screens
  • Clean tints



Z-7 Technology: Z-7 assures clean plates, crisp film, sharp images, accurate registration and exact halftones — in a word, detail. Incorporating our unique Z-Dot™ screening, the PlateMaker5 delivers the cleanest screens possible from an electro photographic process.

Clean Plate Technology (CPT): This technology has been built from the ground up to create a perfect plate with no cleaning or special etch required, giving you the unprecedented ability to print numerous polyester plates that go straight to the press.

Adobe® Postscript® 3™: True Adobe PostScript 3 offers reliability, increased performance, and the assurance of compatibility to work from virtually any software application and hardware environment.

Advanced Halftone Calibration: The PlateMaker5leaves little to chance when it comes to matching plate output to the characteristics of your press. Both an automated Quick Calibration and an Advanced Calibration feature allow you to fine tune the PlateMaker5 to your specific environment.

Negative Enhanced Imaging Technology (NEIT): This patented technology allows you to produce superior quality negatives ensuring clear, crisp hairline images and text without the risk of “plugging,” which occurs when printing negative images on typical laser printers.

XANTE Accurate Calibration Technology (X-ACT™): Our patented Accurate Calibration Technology gives you precise control over horizontal and vertical dimensions on page images ensuring unmatched output accuracy.

340MM Option: Specifically designed for the Heidelberg® Printmaster® Qm 46, this option offers the ability to output a wide plate. Pinbar Alignment allows you to print adjustabe vertical lines at the top of the plate, making it easier to make accurate punches on each plate when printing two- and three-color jobs.

Non-electrostatic Plates: Supports chemical-free plate making using Myriad 2 polyester plates, making computer-to-plate printing more cost effective and less time consuming.

Myriad Film: Polyester-based Myriad film has been developed specifically to create quality film directly from your computer.

Gripper Offset: The Gripper Offset feature allows you to adjust the placement of an image to ensure that it is aligned correctly on the press, and allows for easier changes between setups for multiple presses.

Negative Print: Provides the ability to print a negative image from any application regardless of job make-up.

User-Friendly Web Interface: Enter the IP address of the printer in the address bar of your Web browser to check the printer status, rename it, align plates and more.

Multi-Plate Loader: You have more things to do than single-feed plate loading. The auto plate loader allows you to stack up to 50 Myriad2 polyester plates, walk away and return to crisp, clear output.

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