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Xanté Corporation

In 1989, Robert C. Ross Jr. founded Xanté with a clear vision in mind, to put more advanced tools into the hands of graphics and printing professionals. Xanté’s foundation rests on the principles of engineering, innovation and superior customer support. Since the beginning, Xanté has continued to provide their customers with advanced digital print solutions and workflow technology that drive production levels and profit margins. “Our standards have always been high because we understand the need for cutting edge technology, products, and services that allow you to be more productive and profitable in your business.” says CEO Robert C. Ross, Jr.

Xante USA Building

Robert C. Ross, Jr. - CEO

“I have always believed that you, our customers, make Xanté products – we just build them. Everything we do is geared toward listening to our most valuable resource – you. For this reason, many hours are spent gathering feedback to better our services, products, and technologies.”



President & CEO

Robert Ross


Chief Operating Officer

Mark Swanzy


Chief Financial Officer

Mary Ann Harris


VP Sales and Worldwide Marketing

Mark Priede


VP Engineering

Ken Parker


VP Technical Support and Customer Support

Beth Lowe


VP Information Technology

Byron Ross


Senior VP Manufacturing and Logistics

Patty Holmes

“Our standards have always been high because we understand the need for cutting edge technology, products, and services that allow you to be more productive and profitable in your business.” - Robert C. Ross, Jr. - CEO

Xanté History

Graphic professionals require advanced and specialized tools for success in today’s competitive graphic publishing market. This need has been forefront in the minds of Xante leaders since Robert C. Ross, Jr. founded the Mobile, Alabama-based company in 1989.

After earning a degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Alabama, Ross continued his training in the laser printer industry working as a lead engineer and a product manager for PostScript printer products at QMS, Inc. In 1989, his determination to produce high-resolution laser printer upgrade products with increased RAM led him to create Xante Corporation.

In 1991, Xante delivered advanced resolution capabilities to the graphic publishing market with the introduction of the Accel-a-Writer upgrade controller for Apple LaserWriter printers. The performance increases offered by the Accel-a- Writer upgrade products quickly grew a devoted fan base, encouraging Xante to develop its first turnkey printer product. The Accel-a-Writer 8000 laser printer began shipping in 1992.

One year later, Xante forged a partnership that equipped its strong printing solutions with a standard in security and reliability in the printing industry. In 1993, a co-development agreement was signed with Adobe™ Systems that gave Xante source code rights to Adobe PostScript Level 2 software. Being a member of the Adobe co-development program enabled Xante to couple its proprietary technology with the industry standard printer language, Adobe PostScript. In 1994, Xante shipped the Accel-a-Writer 8200, the first in a series of high-performance, high-resolution printers that won the 1994 MacUser Editor’s Choice Award for Best New Monochrome Printer.

Because Xante was founded on the principles of engineering and innovation, Xante CTP solutions are continually improved using patented technologies such as More X-ACT™ (Xante Accurate Calibration Technology) and NEIT (Negative Enhanced Imaging Technology). In 1997, the FilmMaker product, the first desktop film system designed for computer-to-film printing, made its debut based on these technologies. The same year, Xante announced the addition of the ScreenWriter product to their portfolio, which produced high quality film positives for an abundance of specialty items including t-shirts, hats,cups, and more.

In 1998, Xante announced a technology and marketing agreement with Agfa-Gevaert Group to advance the use and improvement of computer-to-plate technologies. Under the agreement, Xante is the sole worldwide provider of the Myriad 2 polyester plate (developed for Xante by Agfa). With all of these accomplishments in monochrome imaging, in 2001, Xante released the CL21 printer, and it became the company’s first step into color laser printing. In 2003, the CL30 printer, recipient of Macworld Editors’ Choice Award, and the CL30 HSE printer, were both introduced. The Ilumina Digital Color Press, announced in 2005, is designed for on-demand color printing on heavy papers up to 427 g/m2. This digital color press handles a wide array of jobs from lightweight flyers to heavyweight postcards at speeds up to 2,000 sheets per hour. The Ilumina was awarded a 5-star rating by Macworld UK and listed as a finalist in the 2006 Macworld Awards, Editors’ Choice (Print Imaging Category). That same year, Xante introduced the PlateMaker 5 total prepress system that produces polyester plates, film, paper proofs, and is powered by Z-7 technology.

Xante completed the acquisition of two companies in 2007, RIPit Imaging Systems, Inc. (Sacramento,CA) and Exxtra Imaging Systems, Inc. (Hauppauge, New York). With this purchase came several products that helped Xante expand into newer markets, and add to an already impressive Xante product line. These products include: the Symphony Workflow, large format VM series violet metal platesetters and the SpeedSetter series of polyester imaging systems. The easy-to-use P24 PlateRunner processor is designed to process a wide range of violet-sensitive photopolymer plate products. Both the Symphony Flexo Workflow RIP software (for Flexo print shops) and the award-winning Symphony Workflow software are based on an Adobe® PostScript® 3™ RIP and support the Adobe PDF Print Engine (APPE).

Xante products are distributed globally through a growing network of distributors and resellers. The company continues to expand its market appeal by delivering platesetters and workflow solutions that fit the needs of small to mid-sized print shops. However, delivering products with superior technology and applicable real-world benefits isn’t enough. Xante also strives to provide superior service and support through accessible, skilled technical support experts and reliable warranty protection policies.

Xante corporate headquarters, located in Mobile, Alabama, consists of professional staff focused upon engineering development, sales, support, marketing, training, service, inventory and distribution. Xante Europe has continued to grow in response to customer needs. Located in the Netherlands, a multi-lingual staff dedicated to serving Xante customers globally by focusing on local sales, support, training, inventory and distribution. Xante also opened a new office in Zhengzhou, China to provide local sales and support to the Pacific Rim with an additional U.S. location in Sacramento, California.

Xante is dedicated to continuing the tradition of providing customers with leading-edge technology for the graphic publishing market. Exceptional products will continue to be offered, backed by service and support that is unmatched in this industry.