Hard hat and glass bottles with UV Unlimited logos applied

UV Unlimited

UV Unlimited broadens the range of items you can print on with UV Flatbed printers. See what you can customize here!

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Thrifty Printing: Old to New

As a thrift store shopping enthusiast, I love finding unique, affordable items to transform into profitable, customized pieces.

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Printed on a power bank

Power Banks

Before diving into the design ideas, let’s understand why UV printing is the go-to method for customizing power banks.

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Printed on yo-yos


Let's explore the exciting world of custom yo-yo printing, diving into creative ideas and the latest UV printing techniques.

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Two star wars dressed people standing next to printed hans solo wall art

Star Wars Wall Art

Enjoy this Star Wars themed wall art printed with Xanté printers! Just print and stick to virtually any surface.

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Xante employee created Star Wars armor using Xante printers

Star Wars Armor

Whether you're a die-hard Star Wars fan or just appreciate the artistry behind it, we invite you to experience the magic of our prints.

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Printed Xante logo on white golf ball surrounded by colorful tees

Golf Balls

So, why should print shops jump on the golf ball printing bandwagon faster than you can say "birdie"? Let's break it down!

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Printed Corrugated Plastic Sign

Corrugated Plastic Signs

Among the array of options available, printing on coroplast stands out as a cost-effective solution with boundless potential.

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Foam Glow Sticks with print on them

Foam Glow Sticks

UV printing ensures high-quality, durable prints that withstand the rigors of use, making it an ideal choice for enhancing foam glow sticks.

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Vinyl record on player with printed man with guitar on record

Vinyl Records

Ever think about repurposing old vinyl records and record holders into unique, marketable products? Here’s a guide!

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Red truck with printed front license plate

License Plates

If you are seeking innovative ways to monetize your printing capabilities, here's a glimpse into the exciting realm of UV printing - on license plates!

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Printed lighters


Let's explore ways to make money and effective marketing strategies to help you succeed in the custom-printed lighter industry.

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