Don and Paul recently invested in an AlphaGraphics franchise in Tennessee. They offer their customers a wide range of services and cater to an even wider range of local and national businesses. “Our primary customers are business to business type customers. We have a lot of big accounts as well as churches and non-profits. The fact that we can match Pantone® colors with iQueue and the Impressia is great. We’re still struggling with that on some of our other machines, but with the Impressia, it picked up on it very quickly.” says Don and Paul.

They’ve been able to quickly and easily switch between changeovers and practically eliminate downtime altogether. They’ve also used the Impressia to market themselves to potential customers with a direct mail campaign that features personalized envelopes with variable data that were printed on the Impressia. The overall color quality and production capacity were two of the biggest selling points for Don and Paul. “I’m very happy with the color quality on it. That’s something that we were looking for in a digital envelope press. We load about 500 envelopes on the tray at a time and let the machine go. Overall, Xante has great products and it’s a great company to work with.”