BSP Filing Systems is a company that specializes in the production of a vast array of paper products including specialty folders, radiology supplies, labels, indexes, and dividers. Located in the small town of Kosciusko, Mississippi, BSP’s expansive and bustling production facility plays a pivotal role in maintaining the vitality of the local economy by employing over 90 workers. Therefore, it is essential that BSP remains competitive in the filing industry by constantly striving to increase the efficiency of their production process. BSP has been a devoted Xante customer for about ten years, and the staff continues to report great satisfaction with Xante products. BSP owns not only one, but two ILUMINA Heavyweight Champion Digital Print Systems. When explaining how the company made the decision to invest in an additional machine, Andrew Frank, BSP Chief Operating Officer, explained that the staff “had so much luck with the first one, we didn’t even hesitate to get a second.”

Michelle Simpson has been a graphic designer and printing specialist at BSP for six years, making him an expert in the printing operations occurring at the facility on a daily basis. According to Simpson, “two is enough, but it wouldn’t hurt to have more.” These two pieces of Xante equipment are responsible for a considerable amount of BSP’s workload and are used to produce all types of custom filing products. The ILUMINAs’ ultra-thick printing capabilities have allowed BSP to go digital and expand their media options and print services. “Because of these machines, our workload has increased. We print so many different things on these machines. It’s just unbelievable the stuff that these machines can do…it cuts our time down in half, and that’s important in production. You want to get as many pieces out in as little time as possible,” says Simpson. The speed of the ILUMINA is Simpson’s favorite feature, because it gives him extra time to work on additional projects. “A good day is 30,000 pieces. Sometimes it depends on the client and how big the job is. A three set tab is 330 sets. That only takes 20 minutes.” In his opinion, the ILUMINA is light years ahead of the competition. “Compared to other machines; they are a lot smaller. They do the same thing as our other machine that took up half the room.”

BSP staff also utilizes the iQueue Prepress Workflow in conjunction with their pair of ILUMINA digital print systems, which allows their printing specialists to produce professional output with virtually no learning curve. Simpson finds that the Add-On File Editing Tool is the iQueue feature he utilizes the most frequently. “iQueue is perfect. It allowed me to take a logo and insert it on the job in iQueue so I didn’t have to do the job over again. That saves me setup time.”

Frank chimed in with more praise for the ILUMINAs’ stellar performance, especially the systems’ unparalleled ability to print on a variety of media. “What we really like about these machines is the flexibility. We run a lot of different types of products here—full color, black and white, variable print. These machines do every bit of it.” Most importantly, BSP has found that the versatility of their Xante products had led to greater customer satisfaction. “Printing is not an issue. We love them. The customers love them.”