Digital Xpress Printing is a thriving print shop just outside Atlanta, Georgia. They service a wide array of customers with all kinds of different business needs. They’ve grown their business by understanding exactly what their customers want. These aren’t just envelopes or brochures to businesses, it’s their branding and collateral that helps their business grow. Their customers expect high quality results that that reflect their company image. They’ve been enjoying faster turn around times since they purchased the Impressia and Enterprise Feed System a little over a year ago. Their customers have been extremely impressed with the four color quality and the rapid turn around time on their orders. “Now we don’t have to set up the press anymore. With this we can be up and running on the first envelope with no set up involved. We can kick out a job in a matter of minutes.” says Ketan, owner of Digital Xpress Printing.

They’ve also been very pleased with the overall cost efficiency of the Impressia since they’ve switched from offset to digital for some of their envelope jobs. Now they can make more money off of their short run custom jobs, whereas before, they were spending more time with setup which translates into a higher cost of labor and a higher cost-per-print with the offset. With the Impressia and Enterprise they have been able to make more money on custom orders. “The cost per print is very low. We’re averaging sometimes less than a penny, but we’re mainly averaging about a penny and half per envelope. It really makes it affordable to run these short run jobs. Before we’d have to make a plate and put it on the press to print the envelopes. There wasn’t a lot of ink costs, but it was the set up time that was costly. Once we factored in the set up time, printing it on the press, making the plate and doing all of it. We look at the time to do all that, it took about two hours. With the Impressia we can have it all done in about ten minutes. The quality is just as good as what we were doing on the press. Our customers love the turn around time.”

Ketan has been able to stack as many as 2500 envelopes on the conveyor at a single time. The ease and simplicity have made a huge difference at Digital Xpress Printing. They can load up their envelopes, walk away and focus on other tasks at hand and come back to completed job with full color details and pre-addressed envelopes that are ready to go out the door. “You can literally set it up and walk away.” says Ketan.