INDIANAPOLIS, Indiana (August 18, 2017) – New Customers For You says its customers are blown away by the quality of envelopes printed using the Xante Impressia. Owner Nick Lianakis tells Xante that the ‘handwritten’ feature is what impresses his clients the most. “The number one question we always get, do you guys handwrite your envelopes. And my response back to that is, if you have to ask what’s that tell you?” he said. Nick added, “We call it handwritten based on the beauty of what the Xante can offer us.” Selecting the Xante Impressia was easy, Nick says. New Customers For You needed a high quality machine, with high quality output. ‘The Xante has given us the best quality to date in eight years,” he said. Cost per click also played a huge role in Xante making the cut. Nick said he’d never heard of something costing a fraction of the penny… until the Impressia.

“When you get the Impressia, this thing’s like three tenths and you have to wrap your head around that. Well what does that mean? All that means is your margin goes up because you get a great product, great quality, for much cheaper,” Nick said. “You can print an envelope for three tenths of a penny, and charge 35 cents for it.” The job cost feature will also allow you to preview the cost of the job and determine how much to charge the customer, all within the iQueue Software.

Another feature Nick says he’s impressed with is the amount of envelopes you can stack on the Enterprise High Speed Feeder. He’s able to put 1,000 envelopes on the feeder and let it run. “The simple fact that we can just insert the envelopes, two boxes here, and forget about it… is awesome,” he said. “I would highly recommend the Xante Impressia,” Nick said.