Legalcraft Company has chosen the Xante Heavy Weight Champion with PlateMaker 7 (HWC) as their first digital solution for printing on polyester plates and heavy stocks. This specialty company, located in North Canton, Ohio, has been in business over 80 years. Established in 1933, this family business specializes in providing legal supplies for attorney offices and others, both local and nationwide.

Robert Beck, business owner and HWC operator, says they not only run plates but also print envelopes and more on their HWC. “I ran about 8000 color letterhead and envelopes on it yesterday. We use it for everything, really. We can get out heavier stuff through it like our will envelopes and covers. They’re like 50lb with the envelope being 100lb. It runs the heavy stuff. That’s one of the reasons we bought it… It will really run everything we have.” Robert, who also employs Xante’s iQueue Workflow to simplify his prepress chores, acknowledges the convenience of iQueue’s Job Costing feature which is a frequent go-to in his everyday activities.

Xante HWC PM7

Legalcraft Company takes advantage of the HWC for their short-run and quick turnaround needs. They also use it to make high quality, high resolution polyester plates without processing or chemicals for their offset, long-run jobs. “I’d recommend it. It’s great. It’ll run everything we have and the plates. My printers just love it. All they have to to is put [the plates] on the press and wet them down. They don’t have to put the etch on. There’s no chemicals. There’s nothing like that.” says Robert. “I can run one of [Xante’s] plates for about $1.50 or something like that. So, it’s great. I’d recommend it… In fact, I might even buy another one.”

The business had previously used an older Xante PlateMaker model and is now pleased as their new HWC fulfills their needs for heavy-stock printing combined with a polyester CTP solution. This 83 year old business provides legal supplies including envelope and will covers, letterhead, business cards, paper and more which is cataloged on their website,