BOULDER, Colorado (September 1, 2017) – Mailgraphics, Inc. owner Ed Thompson says he’s hit 3.25 million impressions between his two Xante Impressias. Thompson’s Boulder, CO print shop has been in operation for 21 years and purchased the first Impressia August 2016. Two months later, Thompson purchased a second machine. “We have three quarters of a million impressions on these machines and I have not changed out hardly any of the consumables. They’re both on the same fuser units. The image belts are the same in here as when they came in. I have changed out one black drum. The rest of it’s been toner,” he said.

Boulder, CO’s Mailgraphics, Inc. hits 750,000 impressions on Impressias.

The bulk of what Mailgraphics, Inc. prints is black and white #10 envelopes. And Thompson said his operator loves the ease of loading those envelopes on the Enterprise Feeder, and moving on to other jobs. “[The] operator is not standing over the machine constantly, he’s off doing other things,” added Thompson. Mailgraphics, Inc. is using Xante’s iQueue Software. Thompson said his favorite thing about the software is how user-friendly it is. “My operator is not skilled, he’s not an IT guy, he’s not a techie. He was able to walk right up to the machine. I showed him how to do it one time. He populates the field, barcodes the mail… and within seconds an envelope spits out,” he said. “It’s very simple, very fast to set up.”

During a demo back in 2016, Thompson was shown the Xante Impressia. “I was blown away. I started doing the math in my head really fast while I was at that demo and I think I signed the paperwork that afternoon,” he said. Soon after, Ed said he purchased a second Impressia. “Got a good feeling one Impressia wasn’t enough. We were so dependent on it that I was afraid if that Impressia ever went down my business would be shut down. So we ordered the second one.”

Thompson said, “We’re very happy with the return on investment on these machines.”