Minuteman Press owner, Darryal Chandler, loves the reliability of his Xante Impressia and takes full advantage of the iQueue Workflow software. He said the Impressia with the Enterprise Feeder has really enhanced his business in Humble, Texas. His shop’s business is primarily commercial, but they do personalized work as well. He and his staff of graphic designers handle signs, banners, brochures, business cards, letterhead, and specialized products.

The Xante Impressia has allowed us to do short runs at a very low cost and our customers are very pleased, said Darryal. ?We can do everything from the standpoint of taking an idea from concept to completion.

Darryal notes how there was very little learning curve as he was running his Impressia within an hour of delivery. The iQueue software, he said, is what brings everything together as he utilizes the most unique features including Job Costing, ?I can load a job and just drag and drop into the software and it will tell me what the cost is going to be for that job.

Darryal said if he had questions, tech support was always available to help him and customer service was also very responsive. His Impressia has really helped his customers and added to his bottom line, he said. If you want something that can really add value to your business, buy the Impressia.