George Tamburri operates Print on Time, Inc, in Toronto, Canada, and says ever since switching over to the Xante Impressia in 2013, he’s been able to run short jobs more efficiently. George serves construction and technology companies, as well as the average Joe. “We do manuals and tickets, sometimes even carbonless forms through the machine,” he said.

The incredible return on investment with the Impressia is one of the perks, says George. “I’m proud to say that the machine has paid for itself many times over,” he said. “It definitely has helped me with the short runs.”

George says setup was easy, and Xante Technical Support was with him every step of the way. Print on Time, Inc. benefits from the iQueue software. George says it’s fast and easy. “It does what I want,” he added. “… I feed the media and I can produce a ticket within minutes.”

“I know all along that the printing technology is changing quite a bit, people need it quickly and they want it fast,” George said. “That’s what you do, you use the Impressia.”