Chuck Stempler is the owner and CEO of six Alphagraphics print shops, five booming locations in the Seattle area and another in California. They provide a combination of services that include printing, marketing and design. Chuck and his employees have helped grow Alphagraphics into one of the largest printing franchises in the Northwest. He’s purchased Xante print systems in the past and was amazed at the durability of the equipment. Recently Chuck decided to buy a new digital print system that provided fast results for printing and addressing envelopes. His decision to buy an Impressia and Enterprise Feed System was an easy one. “We’ve looked at the competition and based on performance, quality and reliability, none of them even reach the level of serious consideration. We’ve never seriously contemplated bringing in an alternative piece of equipment. Xante equipment fits very nicely into a niche for very quick turn around, printing envelopes, and most commonly, a combination of printing and addressing simultaneously.”

Chuck invested in a Xante Ilumina seven years ago and has been a staunch Xante supporter ever since. He only invests in equipment he can rely on. “From a reliability perspective, when I come to work in the morning I’m not looking over my shoulder to see if the Xante is working today. The ability to set it up and walk back and forth is very important in terms of how we manage our workforce and schedule jobs. The Ilumina’s degree of reliability and running without any type of a problem is definitely a big labor saving factor for us.”

Xante customers from all over the world have found success with their equipment. Customers can take advantage of the multitude of savings that their equipment can provide them. Xante’s digital print systems feature a competitive price with low cost consumables and a remarkably low cost-per-print (less than a penny per envelope*). Customers can depend on Xante machines to deliver crisp colors and high image quality in record time. “The Impressia with the Enterprise is a beautiful machine. Frankly, when we bought it, we just thought we were getting a little better print engine but the feeder – wow, look what we got! Your engineering department deserves a big round of applause. That is an outstanding achievement. And to get it done at the price point at which you’re selling it is also a substantial achievement. Thank you very much. On behalf of a grateful industry, thank you.”