After 13 years of business, Ken Koch, owner of Minuteman Press of Centennial, Colorado, had previously struggled to meet his clients’ growing need for quicker turnaround time. Because the shop serves mostly repeat customers and referrals, client satisfaction is a crucial element in maintaining and generating business. According to Ken, “A lot of the clients that you may have had 10 years ago that gave you two, three, or four days to get something done… sometimes they are asking for things in two, three, or four hours now.” He credits the Impressia Digital Multi-Media Print System with enabling his shop to adapt to the increasing need for faster turnaround: “We’ve had this printer for not even a year  and we’ve probably gained an extra 10 solid clients.” The system’s unmatched ability to quickly churn out full color envelopes is one of Ken’s favorite features. “The speed has been exceptional. For #10 envelopes, those things are clicking out at 75-80 a minute.”

Ken understands that the Impressia Digital Multi-Media Print System is the best and most affordable way to meet the demand for fast, full color printing and strongly urges his fellow franchisees to make the same investment. “The other Minuteman shops really need to know about this machine in my opinion… this piece of equipment can make them some money.” Most importantly, the newly found and unprecedented levels of productivity have been received with much enthusiasm from clients. Ken is extremely pleased with the recent surge in customer satisfaction; “My clients have been really happy with it. So at the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter what I think, it’s what my clients think.”