Mike, of Black Warrior Printing, just received his Xanté X-55 UV Inkjet and he’s ready to print! With the X-55, he can now print on virtually any media including signage, manufacturing products, specialty items, industrial objects, and more to meet the demand of his current and future customers.

“It is the right size and it can do a whole bunch of stuff. You can print anything up to 3” inch tall on it. So, when I saw that, and after reading the specs, stuff was going through my mind now! Man, I can print this, I can print that, ain’t nothing I can’t print now, if I get that X-55! We specialize in speed and we love our customers! We love seeing their expressions on their faces when they see the speed and that keeps them coming back.”

“The reason why I purchased the X-55, I’m gonna be honest with you. I was gonna get that X-33, but what happened, I saw that X-55. On that X-55, it did six signs at a time! Plus, with that footprint, I’m in, dude because it’s the right size and it can do a whole bunch of stuff!

I have been dealing with Xanté for a long time now, I think since 2009. I have always had a good track record with Xanté. They have always been a good company, that’s why I love them and that’s why I follow them. They make a quality product, and since I didn’t have any problems with my [Xanté] Impressia, I said this is going to be a good printer because Xanté is making it.

That’s what I like about Robert [Ross, CEO Xanté Corporation] when he was coming up with these machines… he made it so it will print the size that you want. When I saw that X-55, I knew that Robert looks at all the ins and outs so it’s gonna be built right. I knew if he was making it, It was going to be almost perfect!” says Mike.