Western Commercial Printing has been in business in Sioux Falls, South Dakota since 1973. Over the past 43 years, owner K.A. Lesnar has seen printing equipment come and go, but has been most impressed with his HWC Heavyweight Champion Digital Print System. “I feel the HWC Heavyweight Champion, dollar for dollar, is the best printing equipment in my building. I have a press that cost two million dollars and another one that cost one million. However, the HWC makes me the most money for my investment.” This local shop uses their HWC to provide many of their customers’ digital and large format printing needs which includes business cards, brochures, fliers, magazines, and even newspapers. This system has helped them to expand their clientele by diversifying their production capabilities.“We’ve gone from the 16 to the 24 point. We couldn’t do that before and that’s a big advantage for us. I can run any size envelope from an A2 all the way up to a 10” x 13”catalog envelope.”

Digital manager, Cory Goemble uses the HWC on a daily basis and frequently utilizes the capabilities included with Xante’s iQueue Workflow. “We have another machine but this one is so far advanced that we use it a lot more. I can go into my Xante Workflow and within five minutes you can be printing envelopes off the Heavyweight. All of the features help out.” Overall, both Lesnar and Goemble would recommend the HWC Heavyweight Champion Digital Print System to other shops in need of a printer with both heavy stock and envelope printing capabilities. “As well as the machine runs, the company makes more money and saves money. Hopefully we have a couple more of these in the near future, “ says Lesnar.