Greg comes from a family immersed in the print industry. His brothers own print shops, newspapers and a publishing company. Greg owns Evans Printing, an independently owned print shop in Wisconsin that was started in 1998. Evans Printing offers a wide range of printing services that include invitations, brochures, business cards, letterheads and much more. They generate a large portion of their business from printing envelopes.”We probably have about 100-120 envelope jobs a week that come through here. A 10,000 envelope order is very regular around here.” says Greg. They work with companies large and small and pay close attention to color detail with their customers. “We do a lot of high end printing for companies and match PMS colors with their designers, and they expect very high end quality stuff. “

They decided to move their envelope printing from their offset press on the Impressia Digital Press and have been amazed at the color quality, cost efficiency, high capacity feed system and overall ease-of-use. “ Before we couldn’t produce full four color envelopes besides printing it on the offset press. We would have to do a very large quantity of them. Now we can print a full color envelope, one side, two side, it doesn’t even matter, within hours. The world of printing has turned into a very fast paced industry, and that’s what the Impressia does for us.”

They decided to invest in the Impressia and Enterprise Feed System a year and half ago and have had great success with it. “We had some extra funds and we decided to go for it and it’s been a very good purchase ever since. We probably should have done it two to three years earlier, but with the digital presses we have now it’s a very nice fit. We can match PMS colors to the ultimate. We run a million to a million and a half envelopes through it and we’ve had it about a year and a half. “ says Greg.