MOBILE, AL – For Karlien Murphy, Vice President of an Alphagraphics in Fort Worth, Texas, Xante’s iQueue Mail presorting software has delivered more business, more customers, and more profitable value-added services that give her plenty of reasons to smile. After moving to the US from South Africa, Karlien and her husband, David, purchased the Alphagraphics franchise that had been in Fort Worth for over 30 years. Serving many different customers from the medical sector, oil and gas, real estate, and even fine arts, the franchise has a well-established clientele. “I was the ‘idiot’ that had the idea of becoming a mail house just because I thought it would be easy,” remarked Murphy with a laugh. “I didn’t know what I didn’t know.”

Karlien and David recently purchased their Xante’ En/Press Digital Multimedia Press based on its ability to produce outstanding results on a variety of media and its powerful iQueue workflow software which now includes iQueue Mail USPS-certified presorting capabilities. “We developed iQueue and iQueue Mail for customers like Karlien and David,” said Robert Ross, President and CEO of Xante’. “With iQueue Mail combined with the incredible ease of use and full complement of superior tools such as RightON color matching and full CMYK controls, our products now unlock profitable opportunities to keep commercial print providers essential to their customers.” iQueue Mail allows print providers to validate addresses against the USPS databases, check for any existing forwarding addresses, remove duplicates, and automatically sort the resulting address list for the most economical postage rates. This valuable service is included with the iQueue Adobe PostScript PDF workflow software at no charge with every Xante’ digital press.

Becoming more specialized in mail preparation has resulted in lucrative repeat business for Murphy with some customers now sending regular jobs of thousands of pieces weekly. “I have more opportunity to add value,” said Murphy. “It’s starting to accumulate into a really nice business quickly.” With the ease of iQueue Mail and printing her envelopes and mailings on the En/Press, Murphy is able to cleanse mailing lists of duplicates, erroneous addresses, incomplete addresses, find forwarding addresses and report all of this valuable data back to her clients. iQueue Mail automatically barcodes each mail piece, completes all required USPS documentation, and allows her to electronically upload the documentation to the USPS unlocking even more discounts to the postal rates. Murphy said, speaking about her experience with iQueue Mail and the support she received from Xante’, “My cost for my mailing was almost half for the same job I had done previously.”

The Xante’ En/Press Digital Multi-Media Press and the iQueue workflow software with iQueue Mail is available directly from Xante’ or through its world-wide network of independent dealers.