MOBILE, AL – Digiprint, a full service commercial print provider in Reno, Nevada, has recently added the Xante’ En/Press Digital Multimedia Press to its stable of digital printing equipment. David Spillers, Digiprint’s owner, reports that the En/Press has made his business more productive and efficient since its installation. The ease of installation and training on its iQueue workflow allowed Digiprint to start taking short run jobs off the press almost immediately after receiving the En/Press. Spillers states, “I had the first job up and running within about an hour. I’ve nicknamed it ‘Freedom’ because it’s freed me from all the jobs I used to put on the press.”

Digiprint has been an preeminent print supplier in the Reno area for over thirty years and has been recognized as the “Best Print Shop” by readers of the Reno News and Review for seven consecutive years. “Our customers are mostly universities, hospitals, distribution companies, contractors, and other small businesses,” said Spillers. “The typical print jobs we run for these types of customers are envelopes, letterhead, and NCR forms. The Xante’ En/Press fits them perfectly.” As with all small business customers, requests for shorter print runs are the norm and Spillers says that a box of envelopes could be printed on his En/Press is less time than it would take to make a plate, put it on the press, and put ink in the press. “And my quality is better and my cost is lower,” he added. According to Mark Priede, Vice President of Sales at Xante’, “The En/Press was designed to have the capabilities to reduce cost, print on diverse media, be more efficient and increase revenue margins.”

The En/Press Multimedia Digital Press is the ideal addition to any print provider searching for a cost-effective solution to short, labor-intensive print runs of envelopes, multipart forms, letterhead, and other jobs without sacrificing the quality that customers demand. Paired with Xante’s patented Enterprise High Speed Feed System, the En/Press delivers up to 4,000 envelopes in full color or monochrome per hour and accommodates media in a range of sizes from 3.5”x3.5” up to 13”x49.6”. The award-winning iQueue Workflow Software, included with the En/Press, is the easiest-to-use workflow software for matching spot colors, incorporating variable data, and performing an array of special printing tasks.

The En/Press and its iQueue Workflow Software are available direct from Xante’ and through its global network of authorized dealers.