For 35 years, U.S. Press Innovative Marketing Solutions has been Valdosta, Georgia’s most trusted name in full color printing, specializing in high quality marketing materials, including brochures, catalogs, direct mail, banners, calendars, and more. Because full color envelopes are such an integral part of their business model, the decision to purchase an Impressia Digital Mutli-Media Press and Enterprise High Speed Feed System was a no-brainer for CEO Kent Buescher. “We were retooling and we went to one of the trade shows. We saw the Xante press for the first time, so we purchased one on the spot. We have used it in our arsenal ever since.” In the past, U.S. Press has also used inkjet technology, which, according to Buescher, pales in comparison with the Impressia. “ We were really not satisfied with some of the quality issues that came up with the inkjet. Some customers were not happy that it was harder to match, so we began to look. The new Impressia made sense for us because the difference in quality is night and day. We found that with the lower cost structure of the Impressia versus the old technology we were able to sell envelopes as part of the package of materials that we provide to our customers,” says Buescher.

When compared to their inkjet machine, Buescher’s staff at U.S. Press has also noticed a significant improvement in the quality of their output, and a major increase in the efficiency of their production technique. Kevin McCarty, the shop’s digital production manager, credits the Impressia with streamlining their overall envelope printing process from start to finish. “There is a major difference in maintenance and up time between the inkjet printers and the Impressia. The Impressia has a few consumables to swap out now and then. With the inkjet, I was constantly taking it apart, taking it to the sink, and cleaning things. It was easy to spill ink when you were putting it in and out, and it was not nearly as clean to run. You could spend 15 to 20 minutes just getting the first envelope to look good on the inkjet,” McCarty says.

Both Buescher and McCarty recommend the Impressia to any print professional trying to make the decision between purchasing a cutting-edge laser printer or an inkjet machine. The Impressia’s exceptional performance at U.S. Press has demonstrated that the choice is actually quite simple; the laser technology of the Impressia offers faster printing, higher image quality, lower maintenance, and greater longevity than any inkjet on the market. “We are definitely interested in purchasing a second machine. They are just highly productive. The quality is much better than inkjet,” Buescher says.

As the shop’s busy season approaches, he is eager to conduct more business with Xante. “In closing, Xante is a great company to work with. They make an exceptional device. It is easy to use and maintain and it produces high quality work. Our first Xante replaced the traditional press that we printed envelopes on. Our productivity went up dramatically with that machine. This new Impressia is at least twice as fast as the old Xante and it’s faster than inkjet, so it’s been a great purchase for us. And I’m sure we’ll be purchasing an additional machine,” he concludes.