“We are a quick-print shop with very fast turnaround. People these days are not looking for things tomorrow, they would rather have them today. So, we do everything we can to accommodate their needs.” said John Rozema with Get It Now Print.

“I currently have the Xanté En/Press that we print envolopes on everyday, and I also have the Xanté X-33 UV Flatbed Printer on which we have done a varitey of different types of projects. Basically, we tell people if it is under six inches, and its flat, we can print on it.

Before we purchased the X-33, we were purchasing a lot of signs from the outside. Then covid happened to the world and the vendor we used became so overloaded it made me look into something and this was probably one of the best purchases I have ever made in the print shop because of its quick turnaround time.”

“My customers love the quick turnaround. They love the quality the X-33 puts out. The photos come out true to life, and the better quality you put in, of course, is the better quality that comes out.

I was outsourcing well over $3,000 a month in signage. I have cut that in half and the profitablilty has gone through the roof because I haven’t reduced my prices because I could do them for a lot cheaper so that has really helped out!

One of the big shocks to me when we started using the Xanté X-33 was the ink for the machine. You know, when buying ink for differnt machines, you find that they are very costly and you go through a lot of it, but for the X-33, you don’t! It’s a great-priced ink which actually adds to the value on what this machine can do.

We have been able to do a couple weird things with the printer. Our graphic designer tends to work on some unique things as she enjoys crafts herself. We printed on wine corks and it came out great! We printed a wine bottle on wine corks which was a neat thing to do.

I have seen return on investment… in the first month! Basically, we lease the machine so I’m making more on the machine then what I’m paying out. The return on investment on this machine has been phenomenal and especially giving me a faster turnaround at the same time which has, in turn, brought me more customers.”