MOBILE, AL – Recent alien sightings in and around the Roswell, NM, area are actually the creative work of J.P. Cheney and his talented crew at Southwest Printers and his new Xante’ X-33 UV flatbed printer. The colorful and unique yard decorations featuring Roswell’s renowned other-worldly citizens started popping up before Halloween and continue to appear around the homes and businesses of Southwest’s highly satisfied customers. “We’ve been running the X-33 almost non-stop since we got it. The jobs just keep coming in,” said Cheney. The decorations, printed on thick coroplast, were the result of Cheney’s recent installation of the X-33 and represent just a few of the many eye-catching products that Cheney has been able to produce on his new printer. “We’ve printed on just about everything since we got the X-33,” remarked Cheney. “Wooden coasters, ceramic tiles, acrylic, glass, 10mm coroplast. Anything you can think of. The six-inch throat on the X-33 is just awesome!”

Xante’s X-33 printer was designed with shops like Southwest Printers in mind. “The UV printers we’ve seen on the market were all on the large size and thousands and thousands of dollars”, said Cheney. “The X-33 size was perfect for the area we had available.” Although fitting into a space of only about six feet square, the X-33 still provides an ample 24” by 36” vacuum bed that enables fast production of multiple signs positioned on the bed at one time. The X-33 can also accommodate dimensional items up to six inches tall with its adjustable height print head. With the included iQueue Adobe PostScript-based PDF workflow software, the X-33 makes turning out results in vivid, accurate color as simple and quick as possible. “Customers are absolutely ecstatic with the work we’ve done,” said Cheney.

The Xante’ X-33 UV printer features two four-channel print heads that are offset from each other. One of the two heads contains four channels of only white ink to improve print speeds by applying any white inks simultaneously with the four process colors in the other head. “One of my favorite features is the ability to print a spotlight color,” said Xanthia Wright, Southwest’s production operator of the X-33. “That gives me the ability to print on anything that’s see-through and then print the white on top and the result is just beautiful.”

From the ease of the initial installation and set-up, through the Xante’ training on the printer and its iQueue workflow software, to the actual production of money-making products, the X-33 has made a very positive impact on business at Southwest Printers. “Now I’ve got a UV printer that prints direct to the substrate and that saves us money on material and time and makes our product more profitable” said Cheney. “The X-33 has been great for us.”