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We believe that creativity shouldn't have any limits. That's why we offer printing solutions to help you unleash your imagination and take your business to the next level.

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With Xanté Inkjet Printers, you can print on virtually anything you can think of. Seriously.

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With the X-16, print 12 yard signs a week and your lease payment is covered. The rest is pure profit!

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We're an American company! Support is easily accessible and we directly answer your questions.

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Are you ready to take the next step into inkjet printing and bring your creative ideas to life? See our featured models below. Our inkjet printers are easy to use, reliable, and produce stunning results every time. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to revolutionize your printing experience with Inkjet or DTF (Direct-to-Film).

Print on paper


EnPress Printer

Multi-Media Press

Print plates, full-color envelopes, variable data, sequential numbering, and more. Design templates and user-friendly iQueue Workflow software included.

Print on objects


X-16 Printer

UV Inkjet Flatbed

Print on everything from flat media to bulky 3D objects, displays, and signage. Design templates and the user-friendly iQueue Workflow software included.

Print on fabrics


F-24 DTF Printer

Direct-to-Film (DTF)

Print on sports caps, sports bags, t-shirts, jerseys, fabrics, apparel, and more! Design templates and user-friendly iQueue Workflow software included.

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Don’t just take our word for it, experience the power of real success stories! Dive into our testimonials and witness firsthand how customers, just like you, once stood in your shoes, facing uncertainties and challenges. Yet, with our customer support and dedication to them, they’ve transformed their ventures into profits!


When selecting a UV printer, several factors should influence your decision. Assess your printing needs, including the types of materials you’ll be printing on, the size of prints, and the expected print quality. Make sure the company you are buying from offers support. A common pitfall people encounter is purchasing inexpensive printers from overseas, which often results in a cascade of subsequent problems.

A flatbed UV printer for vibrant, full-color customization of coroplast signs. UV printing employs specialized UV curing ink, is extremely cheap to produce products, allows you to print on a wide array of materials, making it ideal for creating eye-catching yard signs.

There are many lucrative opportunities for generating income with UV printers! Whether you’re in the signage, promotional products, packaging, or custom merchandise business, UV printing offers diverse revenue streams. For examples of items you can print on and sell check out Xanté CREATE!

Routine maintenance includes printhead cleaning, monitoring ink levels, inspecting and cleaning the curing system, and calibrating the printer for optimal results. Xanté provides comprehensive maintenance guides and resources to simplify upkeep, empowering users to maintain their printers effectively. Additionally, our printers feature automatic self-cleaning functionality powered by our advanced iQueue software, ensuring hassle-free maintenance even when you’re away. With Xanté, keeping your UV printer in top condition has never been easier.

DTF printing, short for Direct To Film, is revolutionizing the T-shirt industry as the newest game-changing technique. This innovative method entails printing designs directly onto a film, which can then be easily transferred to various fabrics using a heat press. Renowned for its profitability, many entrepreneurs find that their printers pay for themselves in no time with this highly efficient process.

With UV printing, you gain versatile glass printing capabilities, allowing you to print on glass surfaces such as bottles, trophies, gifts, and packaging. Enhance your designs with 3D textured effects using UV ink. Xanté further simplifies the process with a dedicated glass mode for effortless printing.

Xanté is your trusted partner every step of the journey. Our comprehensive support includes online tutorials, dedicated customer service based in the USA, and knowledgeable representatives ready to demystify every aspect of using our printers. From setup to troubleshooting, count on Xanté to provide the assistance and expertise you need to succeed in your printing endeavors.

Absolutely! DTF printing offers a wide range of applications beyond apparel decoration. Its versatility makes it suitable for printing on various substrates, including tumblers, wood, metal, and more. DTF technology enables vibrant and durable prints on all kinds of items.