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XANTÉ iQueue Mail™

Mailing has changed forever

Whether you’re already providing mail preparation services for your clients or thinking about doing so, iQueue Mail will forever change the way you think about commercial mail. Now you can quickly and easily verify your clients’ address lists, check them for recent moves to new addresses, get complete postage discounts, have all required postal documents completed automatically, submit those documents electronically and finish the entire job by printing it in the correct sorted order on your Xanté digital press without ever leaving your iQueue Adobe® PDF Workflow Software.

Get the latest version of iQueue
  • Address verification
  • Full imposition
  • User friendly
  • Sequential numbering
  • NCR form design
  • NCOALink™ Lookups
  • Variable data
  • Booklet layout
  • Job cost estimator

Getting Started

Included for free

iQueue Mail™, included for free with the latest version of iQueue, is a complete mail preparation center for helping your clients get their commercial mail into their customers’ hands as soon as possible. You can have iQueue Mail™ and all of these fantastic features without investing another penny in expensive presort mailing software subscriptions.

In addition to advanced imaging features and a user-friendly interface, iQueue includes an ever-growing library of print-ready design templates to help you add value to the service you provide your clients. Learn more about the extraordinary features in iQueue Digital Color Workflow.

Delivery Point Validation, NCOALink Lookups, Complete Sorting

Upload a mailing list to iQueue Mail and within seconds it’s de-duped, scrubbed through CASS™ validation, barcoded, and sorted ready for printing. You don’t pay one cent for lookup credits. You don’t print any undeliverable pieces if you don’t want to. You don’t fill out any paperwork. You just get your job finished sooner. iQueue Mail includes full access to NCOALink™ for verifying recent moves of anyone in your mailing list. Unlike other mail preparation software, iQueue Mail doesn’t charge you for checking these addresses. That means you’re able to provide a valuable service to your customers and ensure that their message gets delivered to more recipients. Combining the amazing capabilities of a Xanté Multimedia Digital Press with the power of iQueue Mail creates a total value package for you that your clients will appreciate – and pay you for! At no additional cost to you, iQueue Mail provides you with the easiest to use, fastest way to increase business and realize more profits through print.

Postage Discounts and Paperwork Hassles Eliminated

USPS® commercial mail discounts are incredibly valuable and impossible to receive unless you’re using presorting software like iQueue Mail. For minimum quantities of just 200 pieces, a mailer could realize discounts of up to 30% over the cost of First Class stamps. With iQueue Mail, you’re able to unlock the lucrative direct mail marketing for your clients – large or small. And it’s simple for you since iQueue Mail accurately calculates all the pricing for you.

iQueue Mail gives you complete end-to-end control for preparing direct mail pieces. All postage rates and applicable discounts are accurately calculated and immediately visible to you on your postage statement. No one likes paperwork so iQueue Mail even fills in all the necessary forms for you. In fact, you can eliminate paperwork altogether by selecting electronic document submission right from your iQueue Mail screen.

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