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Symphony Flexo Workflow’s step & repeat feature is a true “rip once-plot many” process that provides for remarkable time-savings in the layout process. Because Symphony Flexo Workflow has built-in step & repeat and distortion functionality, all jobs are printed from the front-end as one-up images. This intelligent one-up workflow translates into productive prepress operators and helps eliminate costly human errors. The dynamic step & repeat works off of readily available standard die specifications that are stored in a single, resident database file on Symphony Flexo Workflow. It does not rely on fixed graphical template files that consume storage space and that are difficult to make, maintain, and organize.

Step and Repeat Illustration

Symphony Flexo Workflow’s resident die database has proven to be the most productive method of accurately stepping out jobs in tags and labels. It guarantees that films are produced accurately and consistently, producing films that can be trusted without the need for expensive and time consuming QC. The built-in Die Database provides unlimited storage and allows you to organize all your step & repeat parameters. Our database includes automatic distortion calculations for any plate material and it virtually guarantees faultless stepped negatives. Since the final layout is made by Symphony Flexo Workflow, any die parameter can be changed on-the-fly, while still maintaining the integrity of the imaged films.

Using the resident die database, Symphony Flexo Workflow allows you to select a single die for multiple files, multiple dies for multiple files or use the automated SmartDie™ feature. SmartDie allows the user to tag digital files with a SmartDie number, from front-end applications. Symphony Flexo Workflow recognizes the SmartDie number along with file colors and instantly applies the correct step & repeat, gaps, bearer bars and distortion.


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