Xanté Symphony Workflow

All-in-one PDF Workflow

Symphony Workflow is a comprehensive, turnkey PDF workflow featuring support for both the Adobe® PDF Print Engine and Adobe® PostScript® 3™.

  • PDF Support – CPSI, APPE
  • Full resolution previews
  • Step and repeat digital files
  • Add crop marks & targets
  • Advanced Proofing
  • Custom Plate Templates
  • Dot Gain Compensation
  • AGFA® Balanced Screening

Comprehensive PDF Workflow

Symphony Workflow is a comprehensive, turnkey PDF workflow featuring support for both the Adobe® PDF Print Engine (APPE) and Adobe® PostScript® 3™. Symphony Workflow drives all output devices including platesetters, imagesetters, laser printers, digital color presses, copiers, inkjet printers and plotters, all from a single, state-of-the-art RIP. This means that your file output differences are a thing of the past! Symphony Workflow’s powerful scanning, trapping, screening, advanced imposition and ganging, PANTONE® Color Libraries support, and enhanced color proofing features are available for all your output devices. You now have everything you need for prepress operation in one complete software package.

Prepress Automation

Symphony Workflow improves your productivity and reduces human error by automating the more tedious and error-prone prepress tasks. The easy-to-use interface allows you to create print queues and specify: output device, media, resolution, linescreens, screening type, trapping, plate templating, imposition (including crop marks, registration marks, color bars, and page information), plus linearizations and dot gain compensations.

Once you’ve applied these standard settings, every job in that queue goes through the same workflow process, ensuring consistency throughout the production cycle.

Symphony Workflow offers high-end enhanced imposition that allows mixing of page sizes and orientations on a press sheet; Freeform Ganging which provides fast, flexible output, saving time and media; as well as linearization and dot gain enhancements. Xanté has also integrated PANTONE MATCHING SYSTEM® and PANTONE Goe™ System Color Library support, including CMYK, RGB and Lab color space definitions; for improved process, RGB and spot color representation throughout the workflow. Expanded color support provides better representation of overprinting inks and traps for soft proofing (monitor preview) and inkjet proofs.

Option in the Export Proof to allow user to create a proof at the same resolution as the print job.

Dot sweep is enabled by adding the Halftone Postprocessing feature into the Symphony security key. Dot Sweep, our exclusive automated pixel eliminator, is now available for Offset Printing and Medium Web Flexography. Dot Sweep can automatically remove small troublesome “scum dots” and unwanted “noise” prevalent especially on High End Direct To Plate Setters.

Zoom in and zoom out options in the toolbar of the view raster window. They allow the user to zoom from 10% to 1600% of the raster image. Now you can carefully examine your final raster file before you commit to a plate with our new zoom raster feature. This will allow you to see the job as close to 1600% and out to a full view at 10%.

Export Proof button in the toolbar of the view raster window. Conveniently create an accurate final rasterized PDF, Tiff or JPG Export Proof while viewing the job in RasterView.

PDF Preview – Save low-res PDFs of file previews for review on workstations or, to e-mail directly to customers.

Advanced Proofing – Print inkjet proofs with any combination of colors in multi-color jobs for customer approvals or your press operator.

AGFA® Balanced Screening – Provides band-free gradations and sharp consistent screens.

Custom Plate Templates – Create and store plate templates to suit a variety of presses. Specify header, gripper, image size, and tail lengths.

Adobe® PDF Print Engine (APPE) – Improves throughput and accuracy, and interprets PDF files using live transparency without any flattening.

PANTONE® MATCHING SYSTEM® Color Library – Integrated into the spot color database so custom colors can now be defined in multiple color spaces.

PANTONE Goe System – 2,058 solid colors built into the database. Xanté is one of the first companies to integrate this into their software.

Custom Print Queues and Job Ticketing – Provides control of digital files, file setup, multiple output devices and job priority.

Monitor Preview – Check page elements, color separations, traps, knockouts, and overprints before you output media. Generate previews of RGB, CMYK and spot colors with better on screen accuracy.

RasterView™ – Full output resolution preview with ink usage calculator, CIP 3 support, screen angle and density check tools.

File Preflight – Quickly check files for missing fonts, low res images, RGB colors and color builds.

PDF Support – CPSI, APPE

Linearization & Dot Gain Compensation – Our easy-to-use wizards allow you to calibrate your imagesetter and “fingerprint” your presses. Edit records within the Symphony interface, specify minimum / maximum screen values, and set screen values outside that range to be rendered as clear or solid.

Quick Marks – Add crop marks, targets, and color bars to digital files.

Optional Features

Adobe® In-Rip Trapping – Now you can quickly execute complex trapping commands at the RIP.

TrapZone™ – Enhances In-RIP Trapping by allowing you to select and adjust separate trap settings for different parts of a page.

Symphony Remote – Control your final rasterized files on Symphony from Mac OS X and Windows workstations.

“KoolKolor™ – Create color-accurate proofs on a variety of inkjet printers and plotters.

KoolToning™ halftone simulation – Print inkjet proofs that show the actual linescreen, screening type and angles to be used on press.

StripRITE™ Raster Imposition – Allows you to create and store custom imposition templates to suit a variety of work methods. Generate spreads for books, step & repeat business cards, and perform other sophisticated imposition tasks. StripRITE’s “Dutch cut” feature also allows you to impose pages of different sizes and orientations on a single press sheet.

Freeform Ganging – can be used with StripRITE Imposition. Place pages or images of varying size and orientation onto one or more sheets on the fly. This minimizes media use and maximizes imaging speeds.

Optional Features

AdvancedScan™ scan to plate – Allows you to scan, edit and import paper-based originals into your digital workflow.

PerfectBLEND™ transitional screening technology – Combines the benefits of AM and FM screening for higher linescreens and clean press runs.

Export Proof – Save raster files as low-res PDFs, TIFFs and JPEGs to preview at workstations or e-mail directly to customers.

TIFFout, PSout, RRJout and GDIout Drivers – Allows Symphony to drive alternate or older output devices.

LinScan – Easy-to-use, scanner-based platesetter linearization.

ImagerQ Concerto – Provides easy integration to any 1-bit TIFF workflow. Submit raster files, preview them, set output options and control output to all your TIFF-in devices.

NetImager – Allows Symphony to drive remote output devices that physically sit in another location in the shop.

*NOTE: Symphony Workflow is a modular system designed to suit the production needs of individual shops. Device drivers and optional features may entail an additional cost. For a list of standard and optional features call a Xante sales representative today.

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