Freeform Ganging

Freeform Ganging is an optional standalone feature, which can be used with StripRITE Imposition. Freeform Ganging or StripRITE Imposition can be utilized independently or together when preparing a job for output.

Freeform Ganging allows placement of pages or images of varying size and orientation onto one or more sheets on the fly. This feature minimizes media use and maximizes imaging speeds. It is not typically used in situations for which precise placement is essential.

Freeform Ganging enables:

  • Ganging of jobs that are different sizes on a press sheet, without any prior definition of the configuration.
  • Ganging of separations across a single page or multiple pages (with fixed or variable page length).
  • Ganging of contone jobs across a single page or multiple pages (with fixed or variable page length) for proofing.

The implementation of Freeform Ganging as a separate feature provides the following advantages:

  • Allows imposed jobs to be ganged together, and vice versa.
  • Allows ganging features to be applied independently from imposition.


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