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ColourLaser Questions & Answers

General Questions

The fuser cleaning roller needs cleaning or replacing. This roller typically needs to be replaced 2.5 to 3 times per toner replacement. Changing your media weight to Coated Cover may also resolve the problem.

You can lower lpi and increase dpi to increase visible dot density, or you can apply XANTÉ’s Enhanced Screens feature. This feature requires calibration of the printer through linearization. Performing this calibration requires the use of a densitometer or other device that can read dot area.

DHCP is standard on Series 4/5 and available for Series 3 using ROM v 4.01-4 or higher.

First, make sure the printer’s laser power has been calibrated; for help, consult your printer user’s manual. If the output continues to appear too dark, then apply profile proofing. We recommend the following PPD settings for this: DPI-1200; LPI-133; UCR-No; Color Output-Profile Proofing; Rendering Intent-Perceptual; Press Simulation-sRGB; Profile-Paper. If you have the ColourLaser Pro model printer, then you also may create profiles for your scanner and monitor, using the ColorMatch 2 software.

One of two things causes this to occur. Either the file being printed is RGB data with no true black component or Press Profiling is being used. Switch your Color Output from Press Profiling to Direct or True Color.

The cassette tray guides are not set properly for the media on which you are printing. Reset the paper guides in the tray, making sure they are pointing to the correct media size loaded in the tray.

The front door of the printer is not closed.

You need to change the fuser cleaning roller and clear out the counter associated with the roller. If you recently replaced the roller, then you only need to clear the counter. To clear the counter, press MENU until you see SETUP: MAINTENANCE; then, press ENTER. You will see, MAINTENANCE REPLACED ITEM; then, press ENTER. Press MENU until you see CLEANING ROLLER; then, press ENTER. This zeros out the counter. Press ONLINE twice to put the printer back online. If you cannot find the maintenance menu, call XANT Technical Support for instructions.

The drum cleaning roller may be dirty or not seated properly. Take the roller out, clean it, and reseat it; then, try printing again. If this does not help, it may be time to replace the roller.

You either do not have INSTALLED RAM configured correctly under the INSTALLED OPTIONS or you do not have enough physical memory to print at that resolution. The physical memory is displayed on your Startup Page.

  • Printing up to legal size at 1200 dpi requires 32 MB of RAM.
  • Printing up to 13″ x 18.5″ at 1200 dpi requires 128 MB of RAM.
  • Printing up to 13″ x 35.5″ at 1200 dpi requires 128 MB of RAM.

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Media is not being fused at a sufficiently high temperature. This can be adjusted by changing the media setting in the PPD to Coated Cover.


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