While other print markets can be impacted by the internet, the packaging market will continue to grow! We will always need to package products, even products purchased online!

At this moment already more than 95% of all products worldwide are shipped in corrugated boxes and according to recent Smithers Pira’s forecast, the market is projected to grow 4% each year over the next five years.


Most of the corrugated boxes are now printed with Flexo or Litho. Both techniques have limitations, one main drawback is that it can be too expensive to print for small runs. Several other factors are longer set-up times and restrictions when it comes to personalized print.

On demand printing is commercial printing with a turnaround time of a few hours or less for short print runs that can range from several hundred pieces or less. For years, printers have chosen to use digital for their short runs and save their presses for longer runs. Until now, this option was not available for box printers.

What are some advantages to printing boxes on demand?


  • Add information to your files such as bar-coding, labeling, QR codes and Sequential Numbering.
  • Directly print variable data like addresses, images or both.
  • Create brand awareness by adding logo’s, images, slogans, advertisements, promotions and more.
  • Create new revenue streams and product differentiation.
  • Print what your customer needs, no warehousing or redundant stock.
  • More choice for your customers
  • Adjust languages and messages on
    each box (versioning).
  • Add reactive marketing.
  • Fast turnaround times and no set-up time
  • Print prototypes in seconds.

Xante’s Excelagraphix 4200 Inkjet Print System makes printing custom containers in seconds easy and profitable. Print variable data at full speed with single pass speeds as high as 12” per second. Open up new printing possibilities by extending your media choices. The Execelagraphix allows users to print corrugated sheets up to 5/8” thick x 42” wide. Print custom full color containers with special promotions, personalized ad copy and graphics – on demand.

The Xante Excelagraphix 4200 Inkjet Print System makes it possible for the first time to truly Print boxes on demand! Give your company the flexibility to print one single box. Or tens. Or hundreds!