QR codes (Quick Response Code) provide opportunities to bridge the gap between real world objects and the online world with your mobile phone. Any mobile phone with a camera and basic connection to the internet can easily read and respond to QR Codes. Use QR codes in places that people have the time to scan your QR code, read or download useful information, view video’s, or provide special offers.

From 2010 to 2011,QR Code scans have increased nearly 5000%. Most people have seen QR Codes, but garnering engagement from it is another story entirely. What makes one QR Code more appealing than another, what prompts a viewer to take the extra step to see what one code has to offer over another? Researchers have come to the conclusion that special offers or coupons for products or services account for 87% of scans from quick response codes. The average QR Code scanner is female between the ages of 35-44 years-old with most codes displayed on product packaging.

With the Xante iQueue Workflow you can create custom QR Codes and place them on your customer’s digital files. Simply copy and paste a website URL, select the size, color and background. You may also save your QR codes as vector (.eps) files for use in other applications.

There are many creative ways to utilize QR codes that your customers will appreciate:

  • To link how-to-use information on your product
  • Link your printed manual to a video tutorial
  • Link to details like origin, reviews and shop info
  • Give customers a look into the making of your product
  • Direct potential partners to a dedicated webpage
  • Create Virtual coupons for discounts or rewards
  • Link to time schedules or events on your phone
  • Give-aways like music, games or free products
  • Link promotions to a YouTube video or download
  • Give customers real-time updates on the status of their order, traveling times, reservations or bookings


If you have a smartphone, you can use QR codes easily.

  1. Just download a QR code scanning app from your device’s app store,
  2. Open it and scan the QR code.
  3. The app will decode the QR code and show you the information (online) which you scanned.


The QR code generator in the Xante’s intuitive iQueue Workflow will help you reach business goals while engaging your customers.