MOBILE, AL (January 19, 2023)- Spence Harrison, a renowned wildlife and nature photographer, has begun using Xanté to print beautiful final art on demand. Xanté’s X-98 UV Flatbed is his choice to print his awe-inspiring photographs. Harrison stated, “The X-98 brings my photographs to life and seeing the final results in person is incredible.” Harrison also commented, “I was shocked by how quickly it prints and how vibrant the colors are. The image pops right off the media.” The X-98 has up to 2880 dpi resolution, quickly producing photo-quality glossy images that clients love. The X-98 is also versatile, with an imaging area of 55 inches by 98 inches and the capability to print on media up to three inches thick. All Xanté UV flatbed units are full bleed, vacuum bed, 110 volts, and can fit through any standard door!

Xanté’s CEO and President Robert Ross said, “Since the introduction of our X-Series UV flatbeds, we have begun to see a vast diversity of users. Of course, we’re known to print great signs, but the amazing quality of the X’s has allowed artists all over the country to produce final art in minutes on virtually any media. This creative new print market is proliferating.” The X-Series allows our customers to print on flat ridged substrates, including but not limited to: canvas, coroplast, foam board, PVC, acrylics, metal, wood, glass, and so much more. The X-98 is controlled by iQueue, producing color only achievable by true Adobe Postscript workflow. iQueue allows the customer to have complete control of the print job with such features as imposition, color management, job archiving and job costing, to name a few. The X-98 utilizes up to 4 industrial i3200 Epson printheads. These printheads provide long life and beautiful, consistent quality from print to print.