These 6 tips can help print shops achieve maximum success when printing envelopes so that they can keep production levels high while increasing their savings and profits in digital printing.

1. Maintain a good environment for your envelopes.
It’s important to keep your envelopes and media in a controlled environment so that temperature and other outside factors do not become a part in weathering your media.

2. Place envelopes on a high shelf.
Envelopes placed on a higher shelf will have less static and will enter and exit the printer easier.

3. Reconsider how you stack your boxes.
If you are stacking several boxes on top of each other to consolidate space, it could cause the boxes on the bottom to fold and cave exposing those envelopes to damage and ruin their quality.

4. Make sure to have multiple sets of consumables.
It’s always a good idea to have a fail safe plan in case something goes awry. If you keep extra sets of consumables on hand then you have them when and if you need them.

5. Use digital safe media.
If you are using a digital printer to print your envelopes then always double check to make sure that the media you are purchasing is the best media for your digital printing needs.

6. Quality files can make or break an envelope.
Having an extensive knowledge of prepress and press ready files can help your files and media look their best so that the printer and the client can achieve optimal results.

Envelope printing has become easier than ever with Xante’s Impressia Digital Multi-Media Press with (patent-pending) Enterprise High Speed Feed System. Transitions are seamless with the Impressia yielding 78 full color envelopes per minute with resolutions as high as 2400 dpi. In addition, the iQueue Ultimate Prepress Workflow also assists printers in prepress tasks such as generating QR codes and Intelligent Mail Bar Codes to help expand services offered to customers. For envelopes and other media, please visit Western States Envelope & Label: