November 2014, marked the 25th anniversary of Xante Corporation. Robert C. Ross Jr. founded Xante in 1989 to provide customers with state of the art digital imaging solutions at an affordable price point. Xante has remained steadfast in offering the latest in digital print solutions and workflow technology to their customers. Xante’s digital solutions yield fast, full color results on a wide range of media options that bring production automation to digital print shops everywhere. Targeting small to mid-sized print shops, Xante has expanded their product line to help fill the need for cost effective, custom printing. Xante’s digital solutions deliver remarkable results that keep production levels high, waste levels down, and consumer costs smaller than ever with the industry’s lowest cost-per-print. Customers have come to expect crisp color quality from the Xante print line while iQueue Prepress Workflow provides users with a multitude of features and capabilities.

Currently, their impressive product and software portfolio features the new ILUMINA Heavyweight Champion Digital Production Press, Excelagraphix 4200 Wide Format High Speed Inkjet, Impressia Digital Multi-Media Press alongside the new patented Enterprise High Speed Feed System, and the iQueue Digital Color Workflow. Over the years, Xante has developed a devoted clientele base that includes international resellers, distributors and customers from all over the globe. To better meet customer demand globally, Xante has expanded their locations to include Duiven, Netherlands and Zhengzhou, China in addition to their headquarters in Mobile, Alabama.

“We’ve played a major role in setting industry standards for many new technologies over the past 25 years. Xante has become a pioneer in the graphics and prepress printing industry because of our customers. We’ve made momentous strides during the two decades we have been in business because we listen to our customers and understand their business needs. Their suggestions play an important role in the development of new digital print solutions. Without a doubt, 2014 has been a great year for us and we look forward to many more successful years ahead.“ says CEO and founder, Robert C. Ross Jr.