MOBILE, AL – While maintaining safe social distances and complying with various mask-wearing guidelines may be difficult for some, Xante’ printers and RELYCO REVLAR products make it easy for everyone to see the necessary reminders. The latest innovative products from RELYCO are targeted at the increased demands for COVID-19 signage and labeling that are the driving force in commercial printing today. Xante’s En/Press Multimedia Digital Press and X-series flatbed UV printers are ideal solutions for print providers to use with REVLAR floor decals, table tents, and labels. “Our customers tell us that one of the strongest benefits of Xante’ digital printers is their capability for efficiently handling a wide variety of media,” said Robert Ross, President and CEO of Xante’. “En/Press prints on stock up to 18-point thick and 400gsm. Our X-16 and X-33 UV printers accommodate almost any substrate. Printing on REVLAR with Xante devices is as simple as printing can be.”

Delivering a product that is durable and resistant to harsh cleaning chemicals requires a substrate like REVLAR. Its synthetic composition fits the need for signage and labels that must withstand outdoor elements or repetitive cleaning and touching indoors. REVLAR synthetic media results in outstanding prints with Xante’s En/Press digital press and its newest X-16 and X-33 flatbed UV printers. The Xante printers create vivid color in the highest resolution on REVLAR that ensures effective communication of important health guidelines. “There’s no question that the need for COVID signage and printed communication is the primary business for our customers today,” said Mark Priede, Xante’ Vice President of Global Sales and Marketing. “These new REVLAR substrates pair ideally with Xante’ printers to quickly and easily fulfill COVID-related needs for commercial print providers.”

Because REVLAR synthetic media is completely washable, it eliminates the need for expensive laminating. Immediately after printing on a Xante’ digital press or UV printer, the media can be handled, mounted, distributed, and, whenever necessary, cleaned and sanitized. “We’ve proudly worked with Xante’ for several years,” stated Bruce Steinberg, CEO of RELYCO. “Part of our partnership involves Xante’ testing and approving our specialty media solutions on their printers, which has proven to be extremely valuable to their customers. Xante’ customers take comfort in knowing they can print on a wide variety of media (even thicker materials), which helps to broaden their applications and get more from their printer investment. We’re thrilled to have our media included in the sample kits that accompany every printer that leaves their doors.”

REVLAR products come in a variety of sizes and die-cut shapes to fit almost any need for durable printed communication. For more information on Xante’-approved RELYCO Specialty Paper Solutions, please contact: Brenda Chaisson at or call 800.777.7359 ext 3632.

Xante’s En/Press Multimedia Digital Press, X-16, and X-33 UV Printers are available directly from Xante’ or through its global network of independent dealers.