MOBILE, AL – Xante’ recently announced that it has entered full production and installations for its latest entries into the fast-growing UV flatbed printer market. The X-16 and X-33 printers, introduced at last year’s Print 2019 and Printing UNITED, have completed a 90-day “soft launch” during which limited installations were received with great results from Xante’ customers. Xante is now moving into full production and installations due to the success customers have experienced since its first installation in November. “We believed that the X-16 and X-33 had the feature set commercial print providers needed from a UV flatbed,” said Robert Ross, President and CEO of Xante’. “Our customers were telling us that they wanted a UV printing solution that didn’t take up too much floor space. We were able to check that box! Most of all, they needed high resolution UV flatbed printers that were more affordable and allowed them the diversity to expand their business. Our engineering team, once again, has met those challenges with a winning Xante’ product that delivers outstanding results quickly and easily for a very low cost.”

X-16 with Products

After several Xante’ sponsored events at trade shows and digital roadshows from California to Florida during the past several months and limited installations at more than a dozen commercial print shops around the country, the X-16 and X-33 have proven themselves as a reliable and productive solution.

Both the X-16 and X-33 print in full color on virtually any type of media including wood, glass, stone, metal, acrylic, coroplast and much more. Powered by iQueue, Xante’s versatile but simple Adobe PostScript-based PDF workflow software, these UV flatbed printers produce full color signs, decorative items, personalized awards, or unique promotional items in minutes. With iQueue, adding variable data, managing color, controlling image quality with standard halftones, or creating multi-up imposed layouts is incredibly simple. The X-16 and X-33 take care of the rest finishing jobs at resolutions up to 2880 dpi. Both printers handle three-dimensional items with adjustable print head heights of up to 7.75” (X-16) and 6” (X-33). The X-16 also features a rotary attachment for printing on cylindrical items. Full control of all inks is completely embedded in iQueue including application of white either beneath or on top of other inks on the item. Especially useful for printing on clear surfaces, this control of white ink simplifies printing for backlit or transparent objects without requiring re-design of the original artwork.

Built for shops with heavy demand for signage, the X-33 features an ample 24”x36” vacuum bed and two ink jet heads with four channels each (8 total) to increase speed and deliver outstanding quality for non-white or transparent surfaces. The X-16 and X-33 only requires a 120V electrical source so it’s easy and economical to integrate into any existing environment. With its adjustable head height the X-16 and X-33 are an excellent choice for promotional items that can be quickly printed with the variable data feature of iQueue. “With iQueue powering all Xante’ digital presses, any press operator already familiar with the software can quickly master printing on the X-16 and X-33,” said Mark Priede, Vice President of Global Sales and Marketing at Xante’. “Personalization of virtually any object with iQueue’s variable data is an excellent example of how the X-series printers can help providers create profitable new revenue streams beyond just sign printing.”

The X-16 sports a slightly smaller footprint than the X-33 with its 18”x24” bed. Although smaller, the X-16 is no less versatile. It includes a removable vacuum bed for securely positioning flat media. The removable rotary assembly for printing on cylindrical objects is easy to adjust and accommodates items of all sizes.

Xante’ UV inks for both printers are delivered in economical liter bottles for refilling the individual ink tanks in both printers. All inks and supplies for the printers are available directly from Xante’.

The Xante’ X-16 and X-33 UV flatbed printers are available now directly from Xante’ or through its worldwide network of independent dealers. For more information or to request a sample of the printing quality you can achieve with the printers, contact your Xante’ representative at (251)473-6502.