One of Xante’s most enduring products was recently retired after 17 years of service. The Max engine has been the processing core for Xante’s PlateMakers, ScreenWriters and FilmMakers since it was released in 1997. The PlateMaker series has helped revolutionize the market for a computer to plate solution that has allowed print shops to be more productive and profitable. These high resolution devices (up to 2400 dpi) offered desktop convenience and increased user friendliness. Over 33,000 of the Max engines have been sold over the years putting Xante on the road to success.

On May 2nd, 2014, Xante employees held a “funeral” in homage of “Max” the engine to honor his life and the success he has brought the company. The last max engine was buried on company property following a picnic to celebrate the expansions Max has helped pave the way for in the years following its release in 1997. The Max engine has been an integral part of the Xante product line and has contributed tens of millions of dollars in sales. Xante’s dedicated engineering, sales, manufacturing and marketing teams have contributed to the amazing success of the Max engine and are currently working on a replacement engine that will be introduced in the following months.