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Xanté respects and strives to protect your privacy. This statement covers how we collect and use your information as well as the choices you have regarding that process. In general, our web site is designed so that you can visit it without identifying yourself or providing personal information unless you choose to do so.

Some areas of our site request mandatory information. This may be needed before we can fill or honor a request. For example, we may need a full mailing address to send requested materials or data to qualify you for special offers. If you do not provide the necessary information, you may not receive the material or be eligible to participate in an offer or contest.

Important! For your convenience, Xanté’s web site contains links to various third-party web sites which have related information. However, Xanté has no control over these sites, their privacy polices, or their contents. Before providing any personal information to these sites, you always should read their privacy policies.

If you have questions regarding Xanté’s privacy policy, contact us. If you disagree with Xanté’s privacy policy, you should not access and use this site.



Xanté collects both personal and non-personal information. This allows us to better help you and our customers in a variety of ways. For example, we use the information for market research to determine the desired types of products, options, features, and support needed. We may send you product updates, new product information, or surveys. Personal Information includes data directly connected to your personal identity. This includes things like your name, address (email and home), phone number, fax number, and user passwords.

Xanté also deals with other providers who help us with our services to you. Xanté does not sell your personal information to third parties; however, we do share it with others when necessary. For example, your name and address may be shared with a shipping company when a printer is sent to you; credit and billing data is shared with a financial institution who handles product payment plans.

In these types of cases, Xanté requires that those providers keep this information confidential. These providers are under contract that forbids their personal use, sale, or transfer of your information to a third party.

Non-personal information is any data not connected directly to your specific personal identity. Examples may include which areas you visit on our web site or general data such as what types of software you use. We use internal software and direct online surveys to collect this information; we do not use Web Beacons (tiny files that checks your system for data like a cookie number, web pages visited, and the time and date).



Xanté uses your information to help us better serve you and understand your needs. It may be used to complete transactions such as purchasing or shipping a product, setting up billing, or returning merchandise. It can be used to provide product service and updates, to send you promotional offers, or to communicate with you. We also allow you to select the means of communication (see “Your Privacy Choices” later in this document).

Highly sensitive data (credit card numbers or other such personal information) is used only by Xanté and our service providers who agree to keep the information confidential. Unless you request this information be kept on file, it is maintained only as long as it takes to provide the related service.

Less sensitive personal data collected online may be used in combination with data you provide by other means (registration cards, surveys, trade shows, etc.). This information may be used for such things as studying the effectiveness and usability of Xanté’s web site as well as monitoring or improving customer satisfaction with our web site.

Xanté reserves the right to transfer any personal data you provide online or through other means across state and country boundaries for consolidation, management, and storage. Xanté uses physical, electronic, and security procedures to protect the information you provide to us. You also should take due precautions to prevent unauthorized access to your data on the internet.

This includes but is not limited to changing your password frequently, using only secure browsers, implementing encryptions where warranted, etc. In certain judicial circumstances (such as legal subpoenas, warrants, or orders), personal information may be disclosed. Also, Xanté reserves the right to release this information if we believe in good faith that such disclosure is in the best interest of the public and/or its safety or if it is to protect Xanté Corporation’s rights or property.

Your personal information is not sold to third parties. However, if Xanté merges, is acquired, or sells its assets to another entity, Xanté may provide your information that is related to that part of our business to that entity without your consent. In such transactions, Xanté will seek protective agreements for your information accordingly.



Unless you consent, Xanté will not communicate any information to you. If you do consent to receive materials, you may choose of the types of material sent (such as product, special offers, or other related data) and the manner in which you receive the various information. You may select from email, fax, phone, or postal conveyance. Plus, you can change that choice at a later date or choose to block information from being sent to you.
Note: This selection of conveyance does not include communications regarding completing orders, safety warnings, contracts, support, or driver updates.

Xanté will make a concerted effort to ensure that your choice is implemented correctly and in a timely manner. Important! If you change your privacy choices on use of your personal information, it is not retroactive to information already released to third parties due to your previous choices. Third parties are not bound by your changes.



Children’s privacy and safety is of utmost importance to Xanté. Consequently, our site is designed for a general audience. Xanté does not target its information to children nor knowingly try to collect information from them. We also highly recommend that parents/guardians actively monitor and control all online activities by their children.



Xanté reserves the right to change this Privacy Policy at Xanté’s sole discretion. Any changes to this document will be posted on Xanté web site and dated accordingly. You will be considered aware of these changes within 30 days of the posting; unless you contact Xanté within those 30 days requesting changes to use of your personal information, you are deemed in agreement with and subject to the changes. See “Contacting Xanté” later in this document. Upon receipt of a request for change in use of your personal information, Xanté will make a concerted effort to ensure that your choice is implemented correctly and in a timely manner. Delivery delays beyond Xantés control are deemed the responsibility of the sender.

Note: For your protection, it is recommended that you regularly check the privacy policies of all web sites that you visit. Also, you may want to check your system regularly and delete cookies found; over time, cookies can collect, tie up disk space, and slow your system.



Xanté Corporation business hours are from 7 A.M. until 6 P.M. Monday through Friday CST (Central Standard Time). Fax lines are active 24 hours. Xanté makes a concerted effort to respond to communications within one business day. If you have questions regarding Xanté’s privacy policy, contact us.

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