HWC Heavyweight Champion + PlateMaker 7 Inside
HWC Heavyweight Champion + PlateMaker 7 Inside
Go directly to plate, increase production, and reduce cost with this revolutionary advancement in Computer-to-Plate (CTP) printing technology. The HWC Heavyweight Champion Digital Print System with PlateMaker 7 Inside is a brand new polyester CTP solution. Specifically designed for small commercial printers and print shops, this solution is low cost, high quality, and chemical free. The best part is that it’s all contained WITHIN the HWC Heavyweight Champion which is already the best way to print your packaging AND envelopes!

  • Heavy card stocks up to 500gsm (24 pt)
  • Includes iQueue Ultimate RIP-Workflow
  • Sheet sizes from 3” x 5” (76 mm x 127 mm) up to
    13” x 52” (330 mm x 1321 mm)
  • Plate Linescreen / resolution: Up to 150+ LPI / 1200 DPI
  • Plate run length: >20,000 Impressions

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iQueue Adobe PostScript

Print full color flyers, brochures, envelopes, mailers and cards, product packag-ing, POP displays, table tents, door hangers, menus, oversized banners (up to 13” x 52”) and now, quality polyester plates.

PlateMaker 7 Inside Features

The HWC Heavyweight Champion with PlateMaker 7 CTP System is the affordable solution that allows you to produce high quality, high resolution polyester plates without processing or chemicals. The complete solution features the iQueue Ultimate Workflow that automates prepress production and streamlines the entire platemaking process.

PlateMaker 7 Specs
Adobe® Postscript® 3™: True Adobe® Postscript® 3™ offers
reliability, increased performance, and the assurance of compatibility to work from virtually any software application and hardware environment.

Xante Accurate Calibration Technology (X-Act™): Our patented Accurate Calibration Technology gives you precise control over horizontal and vertical dimensions on page images ensuring unmatched output accuracy.

Advanced Halftone Calibration: Now you can calibrate plate output to match production needs. Use the automated Quick Calibration, or the Advanced Calibration feature which allows you to fine tune the HWC Heavyweight Champion with PlateMaker 7 to your specific environment.

340MM Output Option: Provides the option to print a 13³/₈”
wide plate. It also includes a Pinbar Alignment feature that allows users to print vertical lines at the top of each plate. This line can be used as an accurate guide when punching multiple plates in two and three-color jobs.

Chemical-Free, Process-Free: Non-Electrostatic Plates: Supports chemical-free plate making using Myriad 2 polyester plates, making computer to plate printing more cost effective and less time consuming.



HWC Heavyweight Champion Features

Versatile and affordable
Now you can afford to go digital and start meeting the demand for fast full color flyers, brochures, envelopes, mailers and cards, plus offer your customers additional print services like product packag- ing, POP displays, table tents, door hangers, menus, oversized banners (up to 13” x 52”) and more.
This digital heavy stock printer is powered by the iQueue Ultimate RIP-Workflow that’s designed spe- cifically for digital print systems. iQueue makes it easy to manage multiple digital files, make critical color adjustments, apply imposition, import variable data, estimate job cost and more.

Straight feed path provides more heavy stock media options
The HWC Heavyweight Champion Digital Press features a unique straight media path design that allows users to feed extra heavy card stocks up to 500gsm (24 pt), textured stocks, pre die-cut / perforated blanks* and more.

LED printhead technology. Better color, better images
The HWC Heavyweight Champion Digital Press utilizes high definition LED printheads for superior images and stronger colors. Unlike traditional laser technology, there are no moving parts within the LED mechanism for greater reliability.

This Xante digital variable data printer system is powered by the iQueue Ultimate RIP-Workflow that allows prepress operators to take control of their customers’ digital files and automate complex prepress tasks easily with this thick stock printer. Users can make critical color adjustments, apply imposition, import variable data, estimate job costs, track press consumables and much more.

Available Features include:

  • Multi-User Site License included
  • File Sharing between multiple iQueue Workstations
  • Integrated PANTONE® Color Library
  • Patented Right-On SpotColor Matching with Spot Color Creator
  • Independent CMYK Density Adjustment
  • Full Imposition and Tiling
  • Dual Screening for Images and Spot Color elements
  • Real-time Job Cost Estimating
  • Custom QR Code Generator
  • Import Variable Data with or without Intelligent Mail barcodes*
  • Drive multiple* Adobe®PostScript® Printers (optional)
  • JDF Compliant and more

HD Color Printing technology
High Definition color is the standard for the HWC Heavyweight Champion Digital Press. HD Color renders deeper, more saturated colors, finer detail and more precise toner placement than ordinary color printers. This unique color process includes:
Multilevel LED printheads control the amount of toner applied to each dot, preserving fine image detail and maximizing color fidelity.
HD Microfine toner engineered to ensure printed documents are sharp and crisp, with a high-quality finish.
Single Pass ColorTM technology enhanced to improve color registra- tion, regardless of paper type and weight, and provides better toner transfer across a wider range of media types.

Versatile Heavy Stock Printer

This digital print system allows print shop owners to be a one-stop-shop for all their customers’ needs. With this single digital solution you can find yourself with a variable data printer, brown bag printer, Intelligent Mail Barcode printer, and card stock printer all in one. Open up new possibilities to extend to paper bag printing and much more.

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