iQueue Mail: Verified, corrected, sorted, barcoded

Delivery Point Verification and Sorting Service

iQueue Mail address certification & presort is a fully integrated, powerful delivery point verification and sorting service. iQueue Mail gives you complete end-to-end control for preparing direct mail pieces. Upload your mailing list through iQueue and have it fully verified, barcoded and returned to you in seconds. You’ll eliminate the costly and time-consuming step of working in a separate application to prepare your list for mailing.

Your list will come back fully sorted according to the destinations so that, when you print, your mail pieces are produced in the proper sort order and ready for traying or sacking.

Paperwork Hassles Eliminated

iQueue Mail helps to speed up your mail prep time and cut down your time at the postal facility. Along with verification and sorting, iQueue Mail also completes and produces all the documents you’ll need to successfully enter your mail into the postal system. The required postage statements, verification form, and all tray or sack labels appear automatically as a job within iQueue ready for printing.