iQueue PDF-Out

  • Open iQueue Workflow
  • Locate the top toolbar
  • Select File > Add > Print to PDF

The new PDF-Out feature allows users to set up digital files using iQueue’s advanced features (such as Imposition, spot color matching, variable data, etc…) and save them as high-res PDFs for output to any digital printer (including non-Xanté devices) on your network.

PDF Out Features

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Let iQueue Workflow drive every digital print device in your shop. Until now, iQueue’s powerful prepress tools and workflow automation could only be used in conjunction with Xanté digital printers / presses. But, iQueue’s new PDF-Out feature allows users to setup customer files for output to additional (non-Xante) digital printing devices. iQueue makes it easy to handle complex digital files, make independent CMYK density adjustments, match critical spot colors, apply imposition / tiling, generate QR Codes, share files between workstations and more.