Professional Scan to Plate and Image Manipulation

AdvancedScan is a professional scan-to-plate feature for our Symphony series Interpreters. Now, with AdvancedScan, you can get rid of your plate camera completely, and move to an all-digital workflow. AdvancedScan was designed from the ground up to be the best tool for paper-based originals and allows you to scan, edit, customize and save in a variety of formats. AdvancedScan works seamlessly within Symphony, so you can place images directly into imposition or plate templates, apply traps, linearizations, crops, registration marks, color bars and much more.

Some of AdvancedScan’s Features Include:

Multi-Page and Multi-Color Documents – Scan multiple page and multiple color documents and assign appropriate colors within the scanner module.

Add Screens and Update Pictures or Logos

Spot Color Highlighting – Assign spot colors to different portions of a scanned page, and separate from Symphony.

Works with in-RIP Imposition – Scan the originals, and impose them quickly and easily with In-RIP Imposition.

Rotate and Skew – Our Rotate and Skew features let you correct image alignment.

Precise Image Placement – Precisely crop and place scanned images on the appropriate page sizes.

Image Retouching – Remove scanned dirt, dust, bad screens and paste-up lines.

Navigator – Zoom in on a tiny portion of the page without losing the big picture. The Navigator lets you see what you’re working on and move around the page quickly.

Thresholding – Convert grayscale scans to bitmap to reproduce halftone screens from your scanned original.