Monitor Preview

Our unique file preflight feature for Symphony

Monitor Preview Image

Without the ability to preflight customer files at the RIP, you are shooting in the dark. You can waste a lot of man hours and media having to output proofs, plates and film over and over again. Common problems include missing fonts, missing links, and spot colors that are built as CMYK, or CMYK colors built as spot. Now with Symphony’s monitor preview, you can check links, fonts, page elements, colors and traps, before you commit them to media.

Here are just some of the many benefits:

Monitor Preview screenshots

Check links, fonts and page elements: See placed images, fonts, crop marks, registration targets and color bars.



Check knockouts, overprints, and traps: Zoom in to see knockouts and overprints from plate to plate. See trapping items with our exaggerated, view traps feature.


Monitor Preview works seamlessly with all features for Symphony including KoolKolor Proofing, Advanced Proofing (shown above), Custom Plate Templates, StripRITE (raster imposition) and AdvancedScan.