C.H.Goddard & Co. Gains New Markets with the Excelagraphix 4800


C.H.Goddard & Co. Gains New Markets with the Excelagraphix 4800

C.H.Goddard & Co. was established as a packaging merchant in the late 1950’s by Mr. Charles Henry Goddard. The company made a significant change in 1971 when it became a UK Limited company and made the momentous decision to turn its move toward manufacturing cardboard boxes, rather than simply buying and selling. At this time, the company was based in a restricted site in Southeast London and struggled to operate in a rather confined area.

Eleven years ago, the company moved to a modern industrial unit, its current site, which enabled the company to expand its manufacturing capabilities. This included a two-color printer slotter case maker, die-cutting machines, plus hot and cold gluing systems. “We were, however, limited to supplying two color cases and die-cuts which had to be channeled through the printer slotter. This printing restriction was the small, but nevertheless frustrating, Achilles heel of the company’s in-house capabilities,” said Stuart Stringer, Director of C.H.Goddard & Co.

For some time, Stuart had been looking for an alternate, high-quality printing solution for a company of their size. Nothing had really excited him with regards to a technological advance, certainly not without investing literally hundreds of thousands of pounds. Having been a photographer in the past, and consequently having some interest in digital reproduction, it was with some interest that Stuart first came across the Excelagraphix 4800 with Memjet technology printer on the internet. He stated, “My curiosity led me to contact the European dealers and I subsequently made a couple of visits to see what the printer was capable of. It goes without saying that I was enormously impressed with the system and was indeed pleasantly surprised by its affordability.”

With very little hesitation, after a management meeting back in the UK, C.H.Goddard & Co. unanimously made the decision to go ahead and purchase the Excelagraphix 4800. “We found the three-day training and implementation program fairly seamless and easy to grasp. The iQueue software, which drives the system, is an absolute delight to use and very user friendly. Really, anybody with a meager amount of knowledge of desktop-based word processing and graphic programs can adapt to it very quickly,” said Stuart. He continues to describe how the software has some excellent features such as printing direct from PDF’s, color matching, WYSIWYG visual representation of the machine output and a very useful job costing module.

The Excelagraphix 4800 is now installed at the C.H.Goddard & Co. premises in Kent, UK in a new bespoke printing room and it is already raising considerable interest amongst their customers. “Already, we have produced several short-medium range jobs and the speed of the Excelagraphix 4800 is working very well for us,” Stuart explains. “The quality of the print has been superb, and I’ve actually had three brand new, very delighted customers comment on this – very gratifying! We are thrilled by the potential opportunities and new market areas the machine has opened up for us already.”