Heidelberg joins RIPit


Heidelberg joins RIPit

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE New Quicksetter models now available through Heidelberg USA

Kennesaw, GA., January 21, 2003 — This week at Graphics of the Americas 2003, Heidelberg USA will announce the availability of the new Quicksetter 300E and 400E. These are fully automatic CtP systems for polyester plates that will enhance productivity and improve quality and efficiency for small commercial printers and franchisers. This reinforces Heidelberg’s commitment to provide innovated and integrated solutions.

The Quicksetter was created keeping in mind customer demand for a simpler, dependable, more efficient product. The Quicksetter 300E and 400E connects a Heidelberg state-of-the-art MetaDimension front end to a well-established marking engine. MetaDimension offers industry-leading color proofing technology and easy- to-use InRIP trapping. Its automation is achieved through the Adobe® Portable Job Ticket. MetaDimension is the same front end that Heidelberg offers on its larger computer-to-plate devices, the Prosetter and Topsetter. Using MetaDimension, the Quicksetter series brings a new level of automation and quality to the small-format market.

The MetaDimension front end is combined with an engine manufactured by RIPit Computer Corporation/Exxtra Imaging Systems, a well-established industry manufacturer. Heidelberg evaluated many vendors before entering into the agreement with RIPit/EXXTRA. The decision to use their hardware was based on reliability, customer recommendations, simplicity and ease-of-use.

The engine features RIPit/EXXTRA’s innovative virtual drum technology, which allows for a 10-micron spot size and .0005″ repeatability, suitable for high quality four-color printing.

Two versions of the Quicksetter will be available for shipping in March 2003. The Quicksetter 300E is designed for the Printmaster QM 46 and other portrait-feeding presses with a similar sheet size. The Quicksetter 400E is designed for theHeidelberg GTO 52 and other landscape-feeding presses with a similar sheet size. Both produce high-quality polyester plates for timely printing and provide value- added benefits that make them an indispensable tool for franchise, quick and small commercial printers.

The Quicksetter 300E and 400E can be used with Heidelberg’s Cristala polyester plate material, which guarantees excellent registration and accuracy due to its unique white back coating.

Upgrading from a Quicksetter 300E or 400E to a 4 or 8up Heidelberg CTP device is easy — keep the front-end and just replace the recorder with a new Heidelberg CTP device. Once printers learn to use the front-end software MetaDimension, they can transfer the knowledge learned on it, to larger systems as their business grows.

Heidelberg’s confidence in the Quicksetter is evident by a one-year warranty fo r the entire package, including parts and labor. By introducing this product, Heidelberg is adding one more element to its entire line of print solutions– prepress, press, postpress, web, digital, consumables, remarketed equipment, and parts and service.

“RIPit/Exxtra is excited to partner with Heidelberg. The core technology of the new Quicksetter 300E and 400E is being used by many small- and medium-sized print shops, and is standard in several major quick print franchises,” said Wayne Wasulko, President, RIPit® Computer Corporation. “The RIPit/Exxtra engine’s proven performance and quality have been demonstrated time and again in leading print shops around the country. With Heidelberg’s sales, service and support, we have an immediate winner.”

About Heidelberg

Heidelberg is the world’s leading solutions provider of the print media industry with nearly 25,000 employees in 170 countries. Headquartered in Heidelberg, Germany, the company manufactures sheetfed, digital and web press systems as well as prepress and postpress components, software and consumables for all printing applications. Heidelberg has by far the largest manufacturing and support network in the industry with 18 manufacturing sites and 250 support centers worldwide providing 240,000 customers with service and knowledge.

About RIPit/Exxtra

RIPit/Exxtra is a major supplier of computer-to-plate and computer-to-film systems throughout the United States. RIPit/Exxtra offers complete systems that are fast and powerful, yet easy to use and maintain. They offer systems that image high – resolution polyester plates to 3000 dpi and 175 lpi.

RIPit/Exxtra computer-to-plate and computer-to-film systems are the preferred solution for seven printing franchises and hundreds of independents, including offset printers, label-flexo printers, box printers and advertising agencies.