High School Students Easily Run the Impressia & Enterprise Feed System


High School Students Easily Run the Impressia & Enterprise Feed System

Allan runs ROP Printing, a print shop in northern California. His shop features a wide range of printing services that include business stationary, letterheads, envelopes, raffle tickets, postcards, booklets, notepads and custom graphics. They have a large local clientele they work with on a regular basis for their printing and graphic needs. ROP Printing sounds like a typical print shop; however, there is one catch. His shop is run by students from the local high school. ROP Printing offers students a unique opportunity to become immersed in the print industry. “We have over 200 customers that we service and many students that come to the classroom every day. Our objective is to teach them how to be employees. I handpick students that I think have the capability to understand what our business is all about.” says Allan.

Their shop is located on school grounds and over 100 students travel through their doors daily as part of a class curriculum to teach students how to be good employees. The class was created to help prepare students for real life scenarios where they will have to interact with customers and work on projects from initial consultation through client delivery. Allan wanted to invest in a digital print system to help decrease his downtime, but also wanted something that was user-friendly enough that anyone in his class could feel comfortable using. After speaking with a representative from Xante, he was amazed at the color quality, quick setup and overall ease of use with the Impressia and Enterprise Feed System. His customers have been been extremely impressed with the quality as well. “Our customers really like the quality. They’re so impressed with the color quality we produce with this equipment. One customer told us that our quality is better than the offset press where they use to get their printing done which was a real plus for us. It made us very happy.”

The students are also utilizing iQueue to set up their print runs. They’ve found that setup from a software and hardware standpoint have been very easy to grasp. “The students are doing this. They’ve learned how to do it and they enjoy it. It’s just a matter of putting in your settings in iQueue, then load the envelopes, push a button and walk away. I load 500 envelopes and walk away from it. In the past we had more setup time, we had to check the plates and alignment. Our students were first taught how to load envelopes onto the Enterprise Feed System. It’s so easy to handle and work with that our students are having a very easy time with it.”

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