Impressia Drives Profit Margins for Xante Customers


Impressia Drives Profit Margins for Xante Customers


Barry Landowski is no stranger to the print industry. He has owned and operated a Minuteman
Press Franchise in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin for over 23 years. Barry and his team print a wide variety of materials including business cards, brochures, envelopes, banners, labels, magnets, note pads, presentation folders, promotional products and more.

He recently invested in the Impressia Digital Multi-Media Press to serve as his go-to machine for all of the shop’s envelope printing needs. Since his purchase, he’s been amazed at how cost effective the Impressia has proven itself to be. “Initially, I was strongly recommended to go with another machine and I spent some time looking into it. I got some information on the Impressia and I decided to take a look at it and compare the two.” says Barry. “I called some people who had the Impressia and they raved about it. I did a cost comparison and the other machine would have cost me almost $3500 more a year than what the Impressia would have for consumables. I also calculated the return on investment and it’ll pay for itself in less than a year, which for me is a really good return on an investment for a capital purchase. It’s hard for me to think of anything that should be changed with the Impressia. We’ve had a lot of success with it. The Impressia definitely raises the bar.”

The simplicity of the iQueue Workflow coupled with this user-friendly digital print system allow users to easily pick up and start printing with minimal training and downtime. The durability of Xante’s equipment and extremely low cost-per-print make their print systems an ideal investment for print shops worldwide.

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