Impressia Reaches 1.9 million Impressions at Loris Printing


Impressia Reaches 1.9 million Impressions at Loris Printing

Craig Hofer, co-owner of Loris Printing, recalls feeling quite nervous when his shop made the transition from offset to exclusively digital printing back in 2013. “Quite a while ago, we were still an offset shop. We had a Xante PlateMaker 3, so that’s how we first came across Xante as far as their product lines go. When we made the decision to transition to an all digital shop, the one piece that was missing was a way to digitally print envelopes. That’s when we turned back to Xante to look at their solution and decided that the Impressia was the best fit for us,” he explains. Located in Sandusky, Ohio since 1966, Loris Printing is now a fully digital shop servicing both large corporations and smaller mom and pop shops. This includes walk-ins and retail requests for graduation, wedding, and party invitations. “We have a broad spectrum of customers. Having looked at some of the other products that were out there at the time, whether they were ink jets or other methods, we found the Impressia to be the most favorable. The zero graphic output is great. We don’t have the image ghosting that you see on ink jets or smearing of the envelopes,” he explains.

Because the Impressia has allowed Loris Printing to make a seamless transition to digital printing, the shop has been able to significantly increase it’s profit margins. The system’s low maintenance production process gives the staff the ability to delegate their time to more projects than ever before. According to Hofer, “the cost of operation is much less than some of the other platforms, so that is a big factor that allows us to deliver a quality product at a good price to our customers. The ease of use is one of the main reasons why we purchased the machine.” Since purchasing the Impressia, Loris averages about 55,000 impressions a month and has already reached 1.9 million total! The staff and customers have been blown away by the Impressia’s overall performance and they look forward to expanding their successes in the digital printing market.

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