Independent Print Shop Owner Amazed at Impressia’s User-Friendly Design


Independent Print Shop Owner Amazed at Impressia’s User-Friendly Design

Moore Printing has been in business for over twenty years. Robert Moore moved from photography and made the leap into the printing business in 1989 and hasn’t looked back since. Over the years he’s seen many products come and go and recently made the decision to move some jobs from his offset press to his new Impressia Digital Multi-Media Press and Enterprise High Speed Feed System. The extremely low cost per print, minimal set up time and overall ease-of-use allow Robert to focus on other projects at hand. “The Xante Impressia makes it possible to get our jobs in and out. Full color, black and white, whatever we want to produce, it does a great job. It really helps us get out more jobs out per week which means a better week at the bank account.” says Robert.

Robert’s main concern was increasing his turn around time, so he began researching digital machines that would compliment his current production press line. “Although it costs less than an offset press, its still a major purchase. I wish we’d gotten it sooner and it’s really helped us and made our life easier. It’s a good high mileage machine on toners, it doesn’t use as much as other machines do.”

Since his initial purchase Robert has been enjoying more flexibility to multi-task in his work place. He’s been able to take on more orders and have a faster turn around on jobs that would have taken longer before. “We do things that need to be turned around quickly. Now we can almost do things while customers wait. You need this machine immediately if you want to survive. I can’t brag enough on the people at Xante, we’re very pleased.”