Japan Patent Awarded to Innovative Xante Enterprise Feeder


Japan Patent Awarded to Innovative Xante Enterprise Feeder

MOBILE, AL – Xante has been granted Japan Patent Number 6348602 recognizing the Enterprise High-Speed Feed System as a unique innovation exclusive to Xante in Japan. “We are rightfully very proud and honored by the receipt of this patent,” said Robert Ross, President & CEO of Xante. “This is the tenth patent granted to us and is further proof that Xante develops the most innovative and efficient products available to our customers around the world.” With this patent, Xante will now be able to provide an excellent solution to the Japanese print market for short run full color printing. Xante will also now be actively seeking to develop a dealer network in Japan for its color printer product line.

Now patented in both the US (Patent No. 8932774B1) and Japan, the Enterprise feed system is featured in Xante Impressia® and En/Press® Digital Multimedia Presses and has been on the market since 2014. Primarily designed for the convenient loading and feeding of envelopes to the digital printer, the Enterprise makes short work of the preparation time required for printing envelopes or other media. The Enterprise accepts up to 1,000 envelopes at a time but is designed for continuous operation allowing print shop personnel to load more envelopes without interrupting the run. “The Enterprise is simply the best feed system for short-run digital presses like Impressia and En/Press because its clean design makes it easy to load and easy to quickly change from one size of media to another,” said Ross.

The Enterprise High-speed Feed System is only available from Xante and its global network of dealers. It is compatible with the award-winning Impressia and the new En/Press Digital Multimedia Presses.